Sunday, November 22, 2009

Darkest Before the Dawn

I have been considering the saying, it is always darkest before the dawn. I wonder if we are there. I think we are not just yet. As I survey the outer and inner landscapes I slowly assimilate the possibilities. Never before have I felt so strongly that we have so much to gain and so much to lose. It is truly the best of times and the worst of times.

There appears to be a ratcheting up of intensity of being. So many outward changing events overwhelming our senses at an ever increasing rate. Shell shocked, would be a good description. I think this is a direct result of the real time ability to access information. Information that helps shape our being. I find it interesting I enjoy the oldest of information along with the newest. I think it keeps me in touch with my belief that if we are to thrive in this world, we must assimilate the wisdom of the ancient, indigenous peoples, with the newest technological advances. The two actually intersect in a very interesting place. Each one of us possesses this point of intersection.

I do not expect everyone will become aware of this. Many are though. It is from this point that a new awareness of a virtually undetected energy form first comes into our view. At first it seems unfamiliar and uncomfortable. We may even fear what seems new, but in actuality is very ancient, and has been in existence since the dawn of creation. It emanates from our creation. It is the unifying thread of all life. It is accessible to everyone. You only need look deeply inside to find it. To become consciously aware of it is to begin to align with the laws of nature.

As we continue to come into accord with this energy, it becomes easier to separate those who accept it and those who use it for controlling and enslaving. There exists a very definite line which no one who seeks to manipulate or control others can cross. From our viewpoint this line represents the blackest of night, a place devoid of all light. This place would be at the center of all creation. A tiny, perfect, exact copy of this point exists at the center of the universe and in the center of your consciousness. It is not of body or mind, but all matter and light come from this point. All seen portions of our universe flow from this point, creating a shadow of reality, that we come to be born into, believing it is all real. It is to the mind, but not to the consciousness. The consciousness knows it is only half of the whole. Those who APPEAR so strong and invincible are only so in this shadow of illusion. In other words, those who thrive in evil acts, can not move beyond the point of absolute darkness. They know the other side exists. That is why they stop at nothing to keep you from exploring that point of being. A person of kind intent and pure heart can go beyond to the place of whole. They can not. You are safe there.

I realize these things I speak of may appear strange to some. The truth is that esoteric mystery school teachings teach of this energy. It is accessible to all who search for it. Once it is understood, the manipulation of the understanding, or the misunderstanding, can be undertaken. Never, however the direct manipulation of the energy itself. Only the resulting creations can be. That would be us. We are the difficult children about to grow into young adults.
Those who choose to frighten and control us, do not wish to see us move beyond their abilities. They project their fear onto us. They know once we realize certain things, their little game is over. As that day approaches, they will try even harder to prevent it. They will use everything in their arsenal of weapons to destroy our consciousness. That will never happen. They can kill our bodies and our minds, but never our consciousness. As they become more desperate, they become weaker and more transparent. I am even beginning to have empathy for them. They are a sad, pitiful lot. They can't even grasp the simple concept that all of creation has equal value to the creator. All creation is of value and worth, that goes far beyond money or gold. I feel sad for them, as they will never understand this. Do not fear or hate them, take pity on them. Their future is sad, ours is very bright indeed!

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