Monday, November 23, 2009

Global Warming Scam

As we further research the ruling elite, we start to understand all of the different ways they are attempting to enslave us all. Often the foundations they create, to protect their wealth, are set up under the guise of helping humanity. They control the media and virtually all of the political and social movements of the day. Few agendas are as despicable as the global warming agenda.

It would be quite bad enough if global government was the only goal. It would be bad enough if setting up a global carbon tax was the ultimate goal. It would be bad enough if they managed to convince everyone that living our lifestyle is responsible for all the ills that harm the world. All those things would give us reason to resist this lie, but there is another reason.

The third world nations comprise over 2 billion people in the world. These are people who live in absolute poverty. These people have the shortest lifespan of all people on the planet. What I find to be the most revolting agenda of global warming is the prevention of allowing these people from developing their countries through the use of their natural resources. They are told they should not develop their oil, coal, and natural gas, because it will harm the environment. They are told to leave those resources. The global cabal that is behind these policies are doing this for a reason. They wish to, and are plundering these resources for themselves. By encouraging the third world to get by on solar and wind energy, which comes nowhere near close to their needs, the elite preserve their future lifestyles.

This is all about creating a two tier world order. As the elite continue to loot the worlds resources and wealth, the very poorest are slated for elimination. As you sit in your warm house with a full stomach, enjoying a comfortable standard of living, why should you care if poor people are exterminated, half way around the world? Why should you care about anyone else in this world?
Because unless you are in the top 1 % of the world, you are in with the other 99%. Us 99% are their enemies. So their ultimate plan is to bring the worlds population down to 500 million. Then they have a obedient, traumatized, loyal slave population, while they enjoy a standard of living that transcends your wildest dreams. Through their technology, hybrid genetic engineering, they turn themselves into a super human race, that never suffers, never wants for anything. They believe it is their destiny. The world becomes their playground. If your lucky enough to live, you can serve them. As crazy as that sounds, it is what they think, it's what they believe. Through their secret, occult understandings of the true nature of being, they keep us in the dark, always maintaining their advantage, keeping us mesmerized and asleep to our own being. This will all change very soon.

You should know that it doesn't matter if you believe what I am saying. They believe it. It makes them very dangerous to us all. By exposing their beliefs to as many people as possible, their power is diminished. By forcing them out of the shadows of their despicable acts, holding them responsible for ALL the pain and suffering they thrust upon us all. They view us as nothing more than their possessions. We are their possessions. Only by understanding our own personal power, of who and what we really are, do we reclaim our rightful place on this planet. For you see, this is far more than a physical battle. This is a war for our consciousness!

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