Monday, November 30, 2009

How the Hell Do You Recognize the Truth?

Being a self proclaimed truth seeker I very quickly realized that the saying, "the truth shall set you free", has some very interesting connotations hidden beneath the initial feel good implications of freedom. There seems to exist a certain romantic notion that freedom and truth are partners in salvation of our being. This may be true on some much higher level of existence, however, here and now it appears to be nothing short of a crime. The "truth" very often, has become nothing more than a manufactured, socially engineered, consensus, a mass hypnosis of majority rules. Often the honest truth is met with bitter resistance and vile reactions that more suggest a crime has been committed rather than moral sustenance, which should be required as mandatory fuel for an optimal functioning consciousness. So I ask myself, "When did truth become such a monumental task to find, and how can something so important be so trivialized that it is almost impossible to detect it in a pack of lies?"

I sure don't pretend to have the power to never be deceived in this world. I have begun to suspect that all kinds of entities are allowed to co-mingle here for an optimal, emotional experience together. Some deceive often, some even more so. Some out of ignorance, some for the control of it all. Some for vanity, others for fun. Maybe the truth about truth could be more clearly revealed in why we sometimes seek to deceive. Self deception rears an ugly head which few of us have the capability of dealing with. Some do though. To those of you who embark upon a twin, inner-outer journey for the quest of truth, I commend you, and respect you with all of my being. You are the fine folks who take time to look at yourselves, and are not afraid to question your own intent. A very fine process of refinement that promotes a purity of heart that very few even consider, let alone pursue on a conscious level. Such attempts at refining the heart, allow for a deepened awareness of the human condition. As a result of increased empathy and love of self and others, certain realities come into focus, a little clearer, and easier to understand.

With a deeper understanding of the inner dynamics of being, a clearer, simplified understanding that is profound in it's nature emerges. The duality of human expression can be equated to love or fear. All other thoughts, feelings, behaviours, can be traced from these root energy forms. It becomes very evident which expression our controlled, outer reality is geared towards. This is not by accident. This is a carefully planned, manipulated illusion. Turn on the news if you don't think this to be true. A sure fire litmus test is the amount of fear injected into the coverage of an event. Constant promotion of fear keeps us locked into fight or flight mode. It is no wonder so many seek escape from this manufactured illusion that takes on the guise of reality. I have come to my own conclusion that we are here to project our inner reality into a manifestation of physical outer reality to play out our love and fear, to find the balance of the expressions within ourselves.

We are very unique creatures. We understand our outer world, and we know we have a very deep inner world as well. We are a unique point in the universe. We can contemplate and participate simultaneously. We can create and destroy at a whim. We can feel love and fear together at the same time. We are by our vary nature miraculous and tragic. We are so wise and so ignorant. We can be so honest and yet so deceitful. We are a marvelous paradox yet we think so little of ourselves at times. We are our own best friend and worst enemy all at once. We are everything that ever existed and absolutely nothing at all. How the hell do you recognize the truth? By knowing that the entire universe exists within you.

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