Monday, November 30, 2009

Wheels of Progress Set to Roll

I think it should be noted that many are hoping Climategate will impede the global process of the Copenhagen treaty. Unfortunately I fear the reality is, nothing will stop the wheels of progress that are set to roll. As usual it's all about the money folks! The next hot commodity set to be traded is carbon credits sold on a market set up and funded by none other than the Wall st. gang.

The latest, greatest wealth transfer scam! Who do you think will pay for this? That's right, you and me. If the global regulation of carbon usage becomes a reality, your lifestyle will be taxed, depending on how much you travel, how much energy you use, and a plethora of other things I'm sure they will come up with. The effects will be tragic to say the least. All in the name of the environment. Interesting how this worldwide decrease coincides with the worldwide declination of oil production. This appears to be the old bait and switch on a global level. An orderly decline and powering down of society, only it is far from orderly.

The devastation of third world countries as a result of these mandates will be on par with what the IMF has done to these countries. As they are encouraged to not develop their own resources, actually outright forbidden to, they will be further squeezed and starved until 2 billion cease to exist, leaving only their natural resources to be plundered by the strong nations. There will be no room for the current poor people. They are just useless eaters in the eyes of the ruling elite.

The wheels of progress are, the global infrastructure, that is being created to streamline and sanitize the eugenic agenda of the ruling elite. The time is fast approaching, when global governance will be heralded as humanity's last chance to save itself from destruction. Global monetary system to save the dollar. A global carbon regulation to save the planet. A global religion to save your soul. A global army to protect you from............ yourself!

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