Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Mans Got Balls!

This video is quite telling. You can see the rage and disbelief in these people's faces.
They can not even consider it a possibility that Zionists were involved. Israel, controlled by the Zionists are very powerful people. CIA, MOSSAD, and M15 appear to all have had roles in 9-11.
People will always have a hard time accepting them as the terrorists they really are. Someday people will realize. Then they will all wonder how they could be so deceived. Deception is easy actually, when everyone is afraid, anesthetized, and subject to group think. Same thing happened in Germany. Now, if you speak out against Israel, in any way shape or form, you are anti-Semitic.
Amazing how history repeats itself! Amazing how treacherous people can become. Amazing how much certain people benefited on 9-11!!!

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  1. Deception is also easy because so many people are so self absorbed they don't see what is going on this world.