Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Event Horizon

After spending 8 hrs. watching Nassim Heramein's presentation on his theories of unification, singularity, and the fractal holographic nature of the universe, I was blown away at their implications. I will post a link further down for those interested.

The manner of simplistic presentation of some very complicated concepts has always been the proof of a good teacher. Once a simplistic foundation is laid, you can build upon that. He does a fantastic job of this. One idea I have always been fond of is the idea that the universe is a holographic projection. I like to say that what we can see is the shadow of reality. But if what we see is a projected illusion of sorts, what is projecting this illusion, and where is it being projected from?

At the center of Heramein's theory is the black hole. He suggests that at the center of everything is a black hole! This is a fascinating theory. This idea suddenly makes gravity far more easier to understand in my mind. This also provides an interesting backdrop for the theory of the ever expanding universe, as it is suggested that not only is the universe expanding but also contracting at the same time. This suggests an open system, constant feedback loop, with expansion feeding contraction while contraction feeds expansion, and the energetic dynamic between the two being gravity and electromagnetic energies. A really nice example of this system at work on earth is the reliance of plants and animals on each other to survive. So I tend to think of it as the universe breathes.

The constant dynamic feedback loop would also account for the rotation of planets, stars(our sun), solar systems, galaxies, our universe, and perhaps multiple universes. The interesting thing is the fractal goes infinitely tiny also! Therefore, theoretically, the entire universe can exist inside a human being. Which brings to mind, how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

Another interesting aspect to consider is the point of singularity. Consider yourself that point. For everything outside of you would be the expansion, everything inside of you would be contraction. How much time do we spend looking out as opposed to looking within. The spaces within and the spaces outside are a constant dynamic feedback loop. To keep the energetic flow in balance would seem to require more time spent exploring inner space. A well known, esoteric principle is to know thy self. It is also surmised that all the knowledge of the universe lies within our own inner space.

The fractal nature of reality also suggests that everything is connected. We all share a bond with each other and the multiverses, both within and outside of us. We, in our being, are a perfect, complete, whole, expression of being. That is a mind blowing suggestion. We have many hurdles to jump, and many challenges to face, before we lay claim to that reality. It still is a fun thought.
I hope you enjoy this video. Consider it as just another tool in helping you expand your event horizon!

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