Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Money

As we continue to argue, right-left, or black-white, or Christian-Muslim, or any other silly excuse to oppose someone else, the plan continues to seamlessly unfold. Who will be our masters tomorrow? Servitude is performed, not only without question, but willingly, as if it were not servitude at all. I ask myself how we became so ignorant each and every day. Each day I feel I get a little bit closer to the truth. The truth is the program is nearly flawless. It reigns in the dissenters at every level. Each slave has a place where the questions stop and acceptance overcomes the need for truth. The slave only becomes free when there is nothing to gain or lose in questioning the programmer. I think that on that day the game ends, as we realize we are the programmers, are game a self created illusion to remind us who we really are.
Or I'm wrong and you pay taxes and then die, just like the old saying!

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