Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sifting Through the Bullshit.

Well, as just about any truth seeker realizes sooner or later, sifting through the bull shit can be a very tedious job to say the least. A fine place to start is to realize just about everything we are taught is a lie. This may sound cynical but provides a safe starting point. I have studied a whole lot of things for a long time. Sometimes you think you strike gold and you get excited with a new revelation. Other times your world view comes crashing down like a ton of bricks on your head. That hurts when that happens but you get over it. Such is the case today.

I have tried very hard to search out people of integrity and those who are not bound by someone else's agendas in disclosing the truth and who in return try to give something back in the search for real, honest, workable solutions to some of our current problems. For awhile now, I really believed Ron Paul fit the bill. I'm thinking not so much now. I have long felt it very important to address the root of our problems in this country which I believe to be the control of our money by foreign elite bankers as administered through the federal reserve banking system. Ron Paul has long been an advocate to ending the fed. All of the sudden he gets huge support for his bill in congress to audit the fed. He also has huge, unquestioning support of almost all the patriot movement and the alternative media. Sounds good. Until you look a little deeper into it.

All end the fed movements are not created equal, just like all new world order exposing groups are not created equal. Just like all 9-11 truth movements are not as they seem. Many a noble cause falls victim to the subtle controlled opposition programs. Many a noble individual falls victim to disinformation. It is part of the reality of trying to root out the truth of our situation.
As I have stated in the past, I post what I believe to be pertinent, important pieces to the puzzle. Sometimes while sifting, some pieces fall through the screen that should not. It seems Ron Paul is one of them. The red flag was the insistence on pegging currency to a gold standard. The red flag was the constant play on Main Stream Media which is by it's very nature only about 5% truth, 95% bullshit. The smoking gun came in an interview with 86 yr. old Eustace Mullins, the only surviving protege to the late Ezra Pound. In the interview Mullins makes reference to 86 plagiarizations of his book, Secrets of the Federal Reserve. One such plagiarization is the very popular, Creature of Jekyll Island by G Edward Griffin. Mullins maintains that much of the information written in this book is distorted to end up being the exact plan the elite bankers are going to enact. Basically the powers that be will crash the federal reserve banking system, thus driving up prices of everything by hyperinflation, then blame the end the fed crowd and patriots for the damage. As a result the elite bakers will then save us with their new system, pegged to gold, which is what they really want anyway, all the while maintaining control without missing a beat. Ron Paul willing or not is helping bring about this scenario. Sometimes I wonder if there is any way out of this mess. At times it appears hopeless. The up side is that when things appear their worst a new solution is waiting in the wings to enter the grand stage. While I think it is important to remain cautiously optimistic, it is also important to remain in touch with realistic goals also. As much as I like Ron Paul, I simply can not expect that anything decent can come from our political system at this time. There are far too many rabid, predational, psychopaths, running loose, having the time of their lives. Unfortunately evil does exist in this world. It has also found it's way to the top levels of government, banking, and religious institutions. Maybe the sad reality is, it has been there all along.

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  1. It has been here or there always. I also believe that we have always been slaves.
    I also believe that even though we have
    always been slaves that it does not mean
    we cannot become free!