Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Once a liar Always.......

As the Global Warming fiasco which has now come to be known as Climategate, comes crashing down at the speed of the twin towers collapsing, we have a unique opportunity to take a closer look behind the curtain. Make no mistake, the stakes are rising with each deception that is uncovered.All one needs to do is look to the supporting cast of the Global Warming lie. Who supports this bullshit? Your government does. Public education does. Go Green promotional agendas do. Your mainstream media does. Your environmental groups do. The United Nations do. Hmmm. Interesting.

What other promotional agendas are these groups pushing? Well to start with, the monetary system that the world lives and dies by. The corruption, lies, and thievery that lies at the heart of this system is the root of control of the planet. Since the focus of all has been systematically constrained to a purely physical world (materialism) existence, while most creative forms of expression are devalued by society, our ability to rational thought and heartfelt love have been severed at the root. Without these vital, life supporting necessities we are nothing more than mindless drones pursuing bread and circuses. People are much more than robotic slaves, and we are awakening to this at a blistering pace!

Another obvious agenda by the exact same groups of people is the constant assaults upon our overall health and well being. These assaults are so numerous it is almost impossible to name them all. Here are a few.
Our medical system is a prime example of how a powerful corporations have taken over patient care for the soul reason of profits. Pharmaceutical use has exploded in the last 20 yrs. Along with new diseases and even more drugs to treat them. Drugs that cost pennies to produce are sold for hundreds of dollars. Vaccination schedules have doubled or tripled in the last 20yrs. All the while cases of autism, attention deficit disorder, hyperactive disorder, have skyrocketed! When I was a child, kids were not put on drugs! I personally watched my father in law spend a month in the hospital, delirious from drug interactions that doctors could not figure out. How many people die each year from misdiagnosed medical problems from drugs?
The medical system is but one area of attack. The very food you eat is now modified and the nutrients stripped so as to slowly weaken the body. High fructose corn syrup added to almost everything, along with genetically modified soy beans. These two things dramatically lowering are immune systems. Processed food adding to the problem along with chemical additives. Not even our water is safe. One of the most diabolical things to ever occur was the addition of fluoride to our water supply. Look at the main ingredient in RAT POISON. That is whats being added to your water! Fluoride is a byproduct of manufacturing aluminum! It was discovered in the gulags of the Soviet Union that fluoride added to the prisoners drinking water rendered them docile and meek. THINK ABOUT THAT!
Let's also consider the newest threat to our health and well being. SWINE FLU! There is plenty of evidence to suggest that this newest strain is a lab concocted bioweapeon. Would that surprise you? It shouldn't!
Wake up to reality. It is not pleasant. It is not the comfort or the entertainment that you are used to, but it is the truth. The sooner you accept these things, the sooner you can move towards protecting yourself from them. There are many concrete actions you can take. Simply avoiding many of these threats can help immensely. Developing a strong spiritual base, no matter what belief system, can serve as a tremendous comfort in difficult times.
Learn all you can about yourself. Don't be afraid to explore every nook and cranny inside yourself. You will be amazed to find that deep within yourself is a whole other universe, just as full and well constructed as the one outside of you. For the ultimate protection and comfort comes from this place. One of the best ways to learn about the inner universe is to still the mind.
Once you start to learn the discipline of stilling the mind, you also begin increasing the consciousness, which you will soon learn, is something much more than your mind. As you progress many changes take place. As my world expands on the inside, so my ability to accept the events of the outside. As I learn to accept the outer events I start to understand deeper what I can do to affect a more beneficial influence upon the inner-outer reality. Ignoring disturbing events only strengthens their resolve to further paralyze and subjugate us. By scrutinising the intent of the purveyor much can be learned. What starts to be understood is that we all help create the environment for what flourishes and what meets it's demise. The ruling elite of this planet have been at this for thousands of years. What should be fully understood is, we are living in the times of their demise. They will not go into the night quietly. There will be kicking and screaming and tantrums of a 2 year old. We simply need to stop cowering and treat them as we would any difficult 2 year old., with a gentile firmness, underlyed by a unconditional love for all things, resolved to the fact that they will no longer be allowed to play their silly game. We follow this with the necessary action of consequence not out of hate, but out of a supreme love of freedom, respect, and natural law, which in it's enlightened state reflects that no entity no longer has a right to deceive or manipulate another. I see that day in my minds eye. I live for that day that I can breathe as a free entity once again!

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  1. and let us hope those changes will take place in our time so we can see it.

    But, even if it takes longer as long has it happens it is good.