Friday, December 4, 2009

All The World's A Stage

Television, in all it's electronic glory, or gory, in all it's grandeur, and degradation, in all it's ability to hijack the human soul, is without question the mind control device of the century. From electronic alpha waves, to subliminal messages, to outright leading propaganda arm of the government, no single device has done more to shape consciousness than television. Until now.

Enter the Internet. There is a battle going on. A battle to determine supremacy of dispersing information. We live in the age of information. It is a shame. As long as there exists people who wish to control, the battle will rage. It has been this way since the beginning of man. There is even a story about it in the bible. It has to do with an apple from the tree of knowledge. Thus the first conspiracy theory was born! Those who began to conspire have never looked back. Eve knew enough not to remain a slave to ignorance. Adam's punk ass chickened out! The rest is history, so we our taught. Stories have enormous power. Some more than others. But I digress.........again.

As I have wrote on this blog many times, many false paradigms vie for our attention. Unless you make a serious attempt to align with the truth you inevitably live by deceit. Why should you care? It is very obvious the devil's playground is here on earth. It is very obvious that most people care nothing about anything but amassing more toys and playing with them, pretending that all the foundations of life are made of stone and will never change or, god forbid, crumble to dust before their very eyes. The ruling class, rich, elite live this way. Don't be fooled again. They are extremely knowledgeable about you. They have made you willingly embrace your slavery. They have done this through controlling your mind. Electronic media being the strongest yoke.

They are the plague. Even though you willingly embrace their game, you know deep down inside all good things must come to an end, as all bad things will also. The game is rigged. You have been lied to since birth. The very event that strikes the utmost fear in their tiny little hearts is happening as you read this blog. There is a vast, growing contingent of awakening people that, despite all odds, are no longer deceived by their petty little games. Despite all the efforts of control, fear mongering, surveillance, and threats, they are losing control of you. They will no longer be needed, very soon!

They exist for one reason. To be the catalyst to wake you up from this dream and save yourself! No one is going to come do it for you. Not Jesus, not E.T., not Obama. Although once we mature to the point of no longer needing them, I suspect we will receive all the proof we need of all those things. You, in all your unique splendor, and amazing potential are who you have been waiting for. All the world's a stage, and as you take your place on it, all those who came before you breathe a collective sigh of relief as you shed your fear and doubt about yourself. All those who come after you give thanks for your efforts. Bow only to that person in the mirror, and treat all others with the same respect. Resist all who wish to convince you, you are nothing more than fertilizer for their grand plan of enslavement. They can force you to work. They can make you pay taxes. They can manipulate you in many ways, but only if you allow them to. Keep inside you, truth to your being. They can curse you, they can slander, they can imprison, and they will eventually kill. They can not break your will to keep pure your intent of being. That truth will always be reborn, into an ever increasing expression that will one day override all the malicious intent that ever was. Do yourself a simple favor. Turn off the mind control box that is known as the television. Sit with your silence. Deep within the silence lies the truth of your being. Know that many others are doing this now also. You are not alone in your search. You have never been alone. The proof of the power of the silence is all around you. The proof is in the decaying and crumbling infrastructure of oppression. All the systems are collapsing. Do not be afraid. When all others run about in fear and panic, remain silent in your truth of being. You will understand soon, if you don't already. This is only a test......................


  1. I am so grateful that I am sharing these times with you and not alone. Thank you.

  2. It is my pleasure and honor to share life with you! You inspire me with your love and support and your phenomenal intuition and spirituality. I am a very lucky man! Thank you babe!

  3. It is I who is thankful, your love and support are phenomenal, not to mention your intuition and spiritual wisdom. I am very lucky! THANK YOU BABE!