Friday, December 4, 2009

The War On Climate

We are all aware of the accuracy of our local weather forecasters. The running joke is it is the only job you can be wrong half the time, and still have a job! If short term forecasts are nearly impossible to get right, why the hell does anyone believe weather can be forecasted 50 or 100 years in the future? How did we get to the place where we are the ones to blame for the weather?
If you look closely, it's been are carefully constructed plan. A plan that was carried out in secret. It is most certainly a conspiracy, and it's not a theory, it's a fact! It's a declared war on climate! It's known as climate change. The ironic thing is, the climate changes all the time. We are not causing it. It is nature, you know that force on our planet that is out of our control. It controls us, remember, it makes us put shorts on when it's hot, and put a coat on when it's cold. How far removed from reality have we become? The cherry on the top is to blame CO2 for these changes!

If you look back you can trace where this insanity has come from. The Club of Rome was formed in 1968. A global think tank formed by some of the richest most powerful people on the planet. A direct arm of the ruling elite. Together with the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, and the Council of Foreign Affairs, these groups have worked hand in hand with one goal in mind. Complete global dominance over the planet.

If you research their collective agendas you will discover that some key ideas such as the environmental movement and overpopulation came into being. I want to be very clear on one thing. The leading environmental groups started out as very good groups, devoted to truly educating people on the affects of pollution, and some wonderful solutions to these problems. As is always the case, and please always remember, these people operate in the shadows, hijacking organizations that have very good intentions. That's how they get so far with their agendas, hiding behind legitimate, beneficial causes. They very slowly infiltrate and assume control. This is exactly what has happened with the environmental movement morphing into global warming, which was global cooling in the late 70's, to finally climate change, so that all the bases are covered. The agenda in Copenhagen is hiding behind beneficial actions, which is why so many people support it.

Climategate is something everyone should study closely. Also remember we live in a political false paradigm. In the U.S. there is the appearance of two parties opposing each other. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Both are bought and paid for by the massa! You will get moments of truth from either side from time to time, but it is ALWAYS a perfectly measured, controlled opposition, never allowing the rabbit hole to lead too close to the truth. The system is genius! Very clever. I would say it ensnares 90% of the rabbits! The truth is there to see.

Copenhagen is a front for global governance. They are not even trying to hide it anymore. They are blatantly proclaiming this in the open. They believe they are unstoppable. As you research, you will find that the plan to cripple the U.S.A. has long been on the drawing board. They have done this through moving the heavy industry out of the country. They will continue to weaken the dollar since they control the supply of dollars. (Research the Federal Reserve). The carbon trading ponzi scheme is a wall st.- global banking scam to finish the job. The E.U. is in place. The U.N. will be the global governing body. All countries that do not sign on to the treaty will be locked out of the coming global green economy. This will spell complete ruin for a country. The taxes imposed on rich countries are said to be given to the poor countries. Nothing is farther from the truth. The IMF would be the global body responsible for redistributing wealth. They will do nothing of the sort. They will only continue their loan shark ways further decimating any countries who agree to accept their loans. The third world countries will be completely stripped of their natural resources. The U.S. will be forced into the role of global army to enforce the oppressive laws of the world government. There has never been a more important time to oppose a treaty in the history of humanity. The dark age that would ensue as a result of the global fascist government would be catastrophic to humanity, also serving to accomplish their goal of reducing the population of the planet by 90%!

Fortunately for us they will not succeed in enacting their plan. There will be some challenging times ahead of us. Removal of the federal reserve banking system will be the death knell of world government. Removal of the Zionist controlled politicians and media would be another step. These things may seem impossible but they are not. The forces seeking to control through fear and intimidation are growing weaker daily. We will see some great changes very soon. You will be amazed at future events. Do not fear and align yourself to be of service to your fellow man. And of course do not be afraid to oppose that which seeks to enslave you!

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