Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Big Payoffs to Senators

This is why the Federal Government should not run healthcare! The anger the public will feel is nothing compared to what will happen if they ram this shit through! I would not be surprised if good old fashioned lynchings did not reappear. Truth is this deathcare reform is nothing but corporate welfare for the insurance industry and the huge pharmaceutical industry! Since when have you seen the federal jackoffs do anything beneficial for the average American, let alone for the struggling poor? Anyone who really believes Obamacare is good for average Americans are just flat out ignorant. This would be the same group who think Global Warming is the most important issue! Or the sleeping masses who think the war on terror is about killing people who hate us for our freedoms. All roads led to Washington in this country. Washington has one job. Extract all the wealth and resources from the country, to surrender to the global elite. The Federal government is very efficient at doing these things. Deathcare if passed, will be just another tool in their arsenal of weapons of mass destruction.

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