Monday, December 28, 2009

Terrorist Alert!

Here we go again. First a simple question. Why in the hell is every Al Qaeda group living where there are oil deposits? (The slang translation of Al Qaeda is the toilet!) Answer, because instead of making trade deals with countries we find it more effective to bomb the shit out of them and steal the countries resources instead. Everyone is happy then, as contractors then get to swoop in and reap the rewards.

Second question, why is the Israeli security company, ICTS, always the outfit providing the security where these terrorist threats emanate from? (Yes every single airport that 9-11 terrorist flights originated from had the same security company in charge on that fateful day!) Answer, The Zionist run security company is obviously a front for staging the terrorist plots! To this day all Israeli involvement on 9-11 remains classified information.

Third question, what is always the result of these "terrorists attacks"? More stringent laws and stupid rules that curtail simple freedoms of citizens. One story has the Christmas day bomber attempting to ignite explosives that were sown into his underwear! This smacks of the shoe bomber that resulted in everyone having to remove their shoes during airport security checks. What's next, removal of under ware to check for explosives? Their is already a push for the naked body scanners to be installed at all airports! How much more of this ridicules bullshit are we going to take?

Fourth question, why was the terrorist allowed to board the plan without a passport, and also being on a terrorist watch list? Because it was an intentional, false flag operation, that is so transparent, a five year old can see through it. Eventually all of the so called security measures seep through to every day life. All under the guise of public safety. The reality is the slowly creeping of the big brother police state coming to a town near you. Creeping in and overtaking every single aspect of life. It's all bullshit! Why can't we all see this?

As we will soon see, the already degrading act of trying to fly will get much worse now. Long lines at the security checkpoint will be filled with ever intrusive searches into our very bodies! Probed and prodded, disgraced and embarrassed collectively. Treated like animals with absolutely no individual rights, all in the name of protection. So as we watch our mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, strip searched in public, dehumanized to the point of total degradation, all shreds of decency completely removed like our under ware to be searched like we are all criminals. (If I ever fly again, I'm going commando!) For is that not the point of all this crazy bullshit? To criminalize and marginalize us all into a well behaved, frightened herd of sheep. Once we are all herded and sorted, where do you think they will take us to?

The signs are very telling if you have the ability to see. Everywhere, life has changed so much since terrorists have attacked our country. As should always be asked when a crime is committed and covered up. Who benefits? When we give up our rights for security we always end up more insecure and more subservient than we started. We are no longer given many choices that we had not too long ago. This process has been carefully planned and executed from the start. When will we see this and wake up and put an end to this bullshit? The most ironic thing is, one of the driving forces behind this process are the vary people who were nearly wiped off the face of the earth not too long ago. You would think they learned a different way other than trying to emulate the monsters that forced them into submission. In the end, this force will always be overrun by an opposing force that demands freedom, liberty and justice for all. It wont happen by itself. We must make it happen! It starts with keeping your under ware on at the airport! Or perhaps ware them for a month before you fly!

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