Sunday, December 13, 2009

Drug Money Saved Banks

Drug money saved banks in crisis. Read this article. It claims 352 billion in drug money was used by banks! Drop in the bucket! Afghanistan poppy crop used to make heroin for world. Gee I wonder how much money the government makes off of that. It is half the reason why our children die there. If you really want some good information on drugs and the U.S. government go read Mike Ruppert's From the Wilderness Website. The site is no longer active, but all his old achieved information is there including his 9-11 assessments. Good stuff, and it almost cost him his life, so you know he was striking a nerve! His current blog is here.

The drug industry (illegal) is a multi trillion dollar industry for the U.S. Consider the fact they bring it in, distribute it, then enforce the law against drugs on the other side. Sweet deal! Make money coming and going. Where have I seen this method of operation before? Provide the cause of the problem. React to the effects of the problem. Provide the solution to the problem. Making money all the way!

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