Monday, December 14, 2009

Anti-Human Environmentalists

Greenpeace at it's origins was a fine and just organization. They were not anti-human, but pro-environmental. That changed, and as a result, this co-founder quit. It is obvious that once the environmental movement was hijacked by the globalists, the agenda changed radically. The globalists are now outwardly promoting the anti-human, pro-eugenics movement. This is where we must realize that many of these movements, including the climate change cultists, are wrong in their approach, especially the fear mongering and talk that the science is settled. With the utter collapse of the Copenhagen Climate Conference, we see that the poor countries exposed the rich countries true intent. With all of this anti-human rhetoric, who decides who must die? Surely Al Gore would never sacrifice any of his lifestyle for cause. Why should the rich, who are using way more resources than the poor, dictate who dies on a global scale in order to, what they surmise is to save the planet? It's the same old game, only on a planet wide level. The rich and powerful, push the poor and weak around. Well I don't think that they are going to be successful with this bullshit any longer. Every little plan they have tried to enact has met with major resistance. The rich, elite, globalists have been exposed on many levels. They are not defeated yet, so pressure must be steadily applied. Do not fall for their tricks and deceit. Expose their lies and inform your family and friends. Join me and many others who are trying to shine a light on these psychopaths, so that all others can see their crimes. Let's hold these people accountable for their crimes against humanity!

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