Monday, December 14, 2009

Each Day

It is easy to become frustrated and worn out when looking at the insanity of our human world. One can easily lose the perspective that things are as they should be. I some times grow weary attempting to influence change into the world. Each day I try to focus on the wrongs that will be righted as a result of awareness being changed. I firmly know that the powers of perception are not only important, but on a global scale, one of the most important games in town.

Moving from a place of dread and fear, to a place of strength and love is monumental in an individuals life. This in and of it's self can be a crowning moment in ones life. Far beyond any wealth or notoriety that can be derived from this life. Those things are but temporal and will be left with the body. The things of true value can be taken with us when we part the veil. One thing seems clear to me at this time. We have all agreed to partake in a very interesting moment in time where the challenges are in direct proportion to the rewards. In other words, if you are having an extremely tough time in this world, and still you press on and continue to strive to be more than when you came here, your efforts will not just be in vain, but to the contrary, you will gain great inner understanding of all things, positive and negative.

Each day is a new opportunity for expansion. Even the smallest bit of growth has importance. To further increase the perception of the true understanding of reality brings a certain peace, acceptance and quite strength within. My goal is to shine a light into the dark crevices of acts of control, fear mongering, and deception. Some call these works evil. I call them catalyst for spiritual growth. For even as the body needs food, the mind needs to be fed, as the soul needs nourishment also. This is a simple fact of life for us. To withhold any of these vital necessities means decline and decay and eventually a death of sorts. Life is energy. It has but only two paths, to decline and decay, or increase and grow. Periods of neutrality or stagnation are possible also, but for only limited periods of time. Everything will eventually change into something else.

As I become more aware and educated to the exact nature of the game here, I begin to understand why it is so important for many to try to deceive others about the game. As I said life is energy. Negative life feeds off of negative energy. Negative energy is released most efficiently through negative emotions. These create a vibratory wave pattern that is more favorable in its ability to provide energetic food for those who have a need to control others through domination and intimidation. Fear is sensed by every predator. It is a signal to the predator of vulnerability. For truly it is the reason that the weakest will be attacked. The rest of the prey will form into a herd and try to blend in together so as to not be singled out and have their weakness exposed. If you look at society you will see these natural principles mirrored back with stunning precision.

However, if you start to have visions of a more highly ordered society you will start to understand that our present society is mirrored after a lower order. This is why people continue to make the mistake of looking to, and trusting authority figures to take care of and protect them. By their mere nature it is impossible for them to do so. What is so confusing is we are seeing the decay of all structures that are of a lower order of energetic expression. This is a natural occurrence as the energies are nowhere near to being balanced at this time. The very fundamental expressions of energy in society have declined into ravenous predators, feeding on society itself. The very institutions supposedly designed to feed or empower the masses are in reality gorging themselves and depriving them instead. Governments, monetary institutions, and religions have all been intentionally distorted in their presentation to the masses, to make us believe they are vitally necessary, when in reality they are the leading causes of every malady known to mankind. By their very nature, they attract the most ruthless, psychopathic, predatorial people in society to lead them. It is these structural flaws that are allowing the crumbling we see today. It is very frightening to most. They have brain washed us into believing that without them anarchy will rule. Look around you. Anarchy is ruling at this very moment, because of them.

The secret lies within you. It is also no longer a secret. You have the incredible power within you to be all the changes you wish to see manifest in our world! Be the leader you wish to be led by. Provide for others what you wish you had. Give the love you desire. Imagine the poor receiving all the wealth you wish you had. These things are happening. Each day those who deprive others of something are experiencing more and more difficulty carrying on as they normally would have. Those who find empathy and love for others are finding ways to express that at even greater levels. Truth is finding a way to be broadcast at unheard of levels. Society is being forced to take inventory of all goods. Things that have been lying on a shelf that are of use will be brought down and integrated. Things that have no use will be discarded. The whole system will be scrutinized. Value will be reestablished to it's proper need. Once the inventory is complete and the clean up finished we shall be able to operate under proper pretext once again. Each day brings us closer. Each day a new possibility to balance the flow. We will experience challenges. We will experience the ongoing purification process to cleanse and refine the intent. Sometimes it will be extremely difficult. Please understand that it is worth every moment. Try only not to fear the process. Try not to judge others progress through the process. It is through these means that you will lessen the severity of your own purification, and try to remain flexible throughout as many things will change very quickly. We are at the time we came here to live in. We are who we have been waiting for. We will experience these things more with each day.

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