Thursday, December 10, 2009

EPA Evil Protecting Assholes

Here it comes! I can hear the conservative cries of Socialism! Folks don't kid yourselves. Socialism would be a party compared to the reality of the situation. This, along with all the other happy bullshit the government has pulled, is nothing short of FASCISM! Please do not do the same song and dance that Obama is ruining the country, or Bush ruined the country, or Clinton, or so on.
This country was hijacked a very long time ago. They have all had their marching orders. The flat out simple truth is we have been infiltrated. Our elected officials don't work for us. They work for corrupt, international, bankers, destroying our country, stealing our wealth, defrauding us of our freedom. The only way to take back our country is to stop buying into the false, left-right paradigm, kick the federal reserve out, clean out the judicial system, and return to a constitutional based society and government.
These bastards are on a mission. We are the only ones who can stop them. The EPA is a joke. A bad one at that. These people care nothing for us. They poison are water with fluoride. Put chemicals in our food. Pump us full of toxins with bullshit vaccines. Mesmerize us with their fucked up propaganda, 24/7 with the idiot box. Then to top it off, try to convince us of the mutha of all lies! Come out and have the audacity to say one of the four, primary elements of life is a pollutant! Can anyone see the absolute lunacy of their game? What's it going to take? They steal half of everyone's savings and pensions with the first bail out, and everyone says "Oh, that's okay, their trying. This after they stole your rights with the Patriot Act, and all the other illegal acts they perpetrated on you. "Oh, that's alright, its to protect us from Bin Laden." What the Fuck is wrong with this picture? If we continue to allow this crap, there will be nothing left. They are not the saviors, they are the enslavers! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

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