Saturday, December 12, 2009

Heavy Handed!

Sometimes I am considered heavy handed in my approach to writing. I can only answer guilty to these charges. It's not like I am writing for better homes and garden. The beauty of writing your own blog is you don't have to worry about such things. I try just to keep it real.

Emotions are a part of life. Sometimes they become overwhelming. It is very easy to get upset when you give a shit about people. Sometimes I truly wonder why I have such a drive. I guess once the bottom line sinks out of sight, I only hope someone else found some benefit from these lines I set on this page. Even if only one is spared the sudden surprise of bewilderment when things become uncovered.

I remember when the 9-11 bell tolled in my head. It took awhile. It was a one-two combo that knocked me out. Iraq, Afghanistan. Nine years later we are still doing that mess! Something gonged in my head very loudly. I went back and started seeking info everywhere about 9-11. That day was such a tragedy on so many different levels. I was very rudely awakened that year.

Things seemed simple for me. Earn money, to get a bunch of crap, that I could pretend made me happy, or at least distracted from what was going on around me. After a few years of searching and studying, things are much more clearer. We have been here before. We have shared the same exact struggle. Sometimes remembering that really pisses me off. That realization sounds like a huge gong that reverberates through me in waves, only after many moments, to silence itself. Remembering is a love-hate relationship! Some of you may recognize what I'm talking about. It is an odd feeling, and yet, you can't help but think it is really important to feel that way sometimes.

So as time keeps on ticking, it becomes more important to not mince words. We live in a controlled environment, and even though we think our thoughts are all our own, most of our ideas are planted there, and very, very few are our own creations. Awareness of the level of social engineering occurring to us can be stifling and frustrating. Especially when most people just think you are crazy and don't listen to anything you say! Those people are struggling with many other realities. All of our realities are important. They all make up the whole. It is always interesting to me when I become riled up about this. It is the sheer audacity of the controllers that sometimes frustrates me, then I remember...............

The reason for their existence tells me we have still many things to learn about ourselves. Whether we like it or not they are a manifestation of many things we seldom wish to address within ourselves. It is a humbling moment to take a quick moral inventory and reflect upon progress made in becoming that which I really seek to be. So the goal reforms itself, to identify that which is keeping me coming back for more fun and games. So I continue, the never ending quest for that one simple thing,.........the truth of our being. Someday I will remember.

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