Thursday, December 31, 2009

Manufacturing Consent

As the propaganda arm of the ruling elite, mainstream media has performed flawlessly at manufacturing it's consensus for expanding the terrorism plot line on the world. The crotch bomber fiasco has more holes in the story than the man's infamous explosive laden underwear! The official story has now changed 3 times! How can people not see the ridicules game going on?
Maybe after so many years of watching this shit it gets easier to see. One person who recently woke up to the new reality is Kurt Haskell.

Here you can read his latest take on what happened on the infamous flight 253. The interesting thing is the feds keep changing their official storyline to appease the information that they can't conceal from the public. Thank the Internet and bloggers, including Haskell himself for that. All the more reason why the Internet will not continue to exist in it's present form. Too much truth is slipping between the control cracks for the powers that be to continue their own reign of terror. So much so that the TSA threatened a couple of bloggers!
Instead of focusing on why a supposed hostile terrorists managed to slip on an international flight with explosives, (see Haskell's eyewitness account about the sharp dressed man!) they are trying to act all bad assed by threatening bloggers! Oooo, there so tough! Whats wrong with the picture?

It is the usual game of distract while pulling the bait and switch. Every magician and con man knows the game. Average Joe dumbass is too busy watching nascar! All the while the rulers keep pecking away at his rights, his job, his 401k, and his ability to think for himself. He could care less about what happens in Yemen as long as the cars drive around in circles every weekend!
The powers that be count on him not caring. If he and all those like him, started giving a shit, they know they would be up shits creek without a paddle. They count on him to get his news updates from the television, in little bite sized pieces. Thus they are able to easily manufacture his belief system to completely embrace whatever they want him to. He supports endless war against brown people by offering his children to the meat grinder. He firmly believes the main stream media would never lie and he is only trying to do what is right for his country. If he only knew the truth about how much his country really cared about him. He is only useful to them for tax collection and creating children for future wars. Soon, he will find himself a useless eater, just like the ever expanding baby boomer population, who will eventually be systematically culled from the herd, through the governments forced deathcare.

We are all an endangered species. This blog is a soon to be, defunct relic of a time gone by. The Orwellian, Huxleyian, model of life will soon be complete. Unless we learn to resist. Unless we learn to not be fooled again. Unless we realize that the new boss is the same as the old boss. We will always have each other. There will always be a resistance to oppose the tyranny that seeks to keep us all in a manufactured reality, where we are force fed their version of truth. A dystopiac conglomeration of police state- mental retardation- self imposed hell of service to the ruling elite. Master does not like unruly slaves. Master must punish those who misbehave. Let's make 2010 the year we stop giving consent to these psychopaths. Happy New Year to all. Hope you all continue to seek the truth, and learn the only truth is to thy self be true!

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