Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here We Go Into 2010

As I sit at 10:13 p.m. on the brink of 2010 I pause a moment to reflect. There are so many grim realities out there that sometimes it becomes very difficult to stay optimistic about our future. I will not go into any particulars at this time as I know many of you are aware of these things.
Therefore I will keep the focus on my intent to bring in the new year.

I have looked back often wondering what was the force that rattled my being to search for truth. I really can't say what exactly it is. I guess it could be the stillness inside that dares to hope that everyone could also know the peace that comes from silence. I have been aware for a good long time about this place within. I go there often these days as looking out into the world there seems to offer very little to be hopeful for in these times. There is hope. There is unwavering knowledge in the silence. It is not a mental knowledge, but a knowing of the heart. With the heart comes the intentions which are becoming so important these days. It is easy to loose focus.

With the starting of a new decade hope somehow becomes rekindled. Along with it a chance for something new to start. I hope for a future where balance of power becomes more easily accessible for everyone. Maybe then it would be just a little less of a struggle for some people who are very tired. I am very fortunate as my struggles are minimal. It is the countless others I feel for. Those who are experiencing great fear as a result of some of the needed changes that are happening. If your not internally prepared it can be a bumpy ride for awhile. I also am empathetic to those who must experience the excruciating pain that sometimes goes with living in this place. Many times we do not realize how good we have it, and I have it good. I am not rich, or powerful, young or strong. Just crazy! Crazy enough to realize that things aren't always as they seem and one only need conquer one person on this planet.

That same person we conquer we also must love and befriend. A great challenge for most of us. So as I write this I am convinced that there is only one of us here we need to please and learn to forgive. I am convinced that if we only befriend ourselves it will ripple across the pond of humanity to gently influence others to do the same. So as the adventure continues to unfold, I would like to thank all of the wonderful people out there who have had the courage to ask themselves what is really going on here? Many continue to search and to write of these experiences. My intent is that we continue to uncover the truths being withheld from us, and as a result, we continue to learn more about ourselves in the process. As we do this, it is my hope, we will realize that many things that happen here are no longer needed for us to learn. We can get beyond the control systems that enable us to operate out of fear and anger. We learn to intend only the very best for each other.

Utopia or dystopia is only a choice away for many. For those not at that choice, it becomes the responsibility of those who are. The only way one can make a choice is to know what the choices are to be made. It is my intent to give reliable, factual information as to the exact nature of our shared dilemma in this regard. I hope my words give reason for you to pause and consider some things around you. Questions lie at the heart of learning the truth. I may be off the mark at times, but I will always strive to correct the error of judgement. May you all find a measure of truth in your life in the coming year. May it bring you closer to the quiet place of contentment inside your heart. May you be delivered from the bondage of lies and deception, and know the meaning of freedom, if it only exists within your heart. Who knows. It might spread to others! Happy New Year to you and yours! May it be filled with love and truth, for are they not one in the same?

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