Monday, December 28, 2009

Obama Addresses Terror Attempt

I wanna take blah blah blah TERRORIST ATTACK blah blah blah CHRISTMAS DAY! Blah blah, blah blah Safety and Security. Blah DANGERS we face blah blah blah THREATENED the HOMELAND blah blah blah KILLED 300 blah blah. BLAH blah safe and secure. Actions to be taken blah blah blah. Enhanced screening and security procedures. Blah blah GRAB YOUR ASS blah blah blah WATCHLIST blah blah. We will SLAUGHTER those blah blah blah in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia or ANYWHERE! They hate us for our open society or our freedoms. Therefore blah blah blah we will STRIP you NAKED grab your ASS and slaughter innocent peoples of lands that have a lot of oil! Thank you, I must go golfing now.
Love, Obama

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