Friday, December 18, 2009

Obama at Copenhagen

Obama addresses Copenhagen saying climate change is not fiction but science. Perhaps a combination of the two is more accurate, science fiction! Judging by the apocalyptic type movies coming out of Hollywood, and the fact that St. Al of the Gore stole the opening shots of his movie from the movie, The Day After Tomorrow, I think science fiction fits the bill perfectly.

Billary Clinton announced the U.S. would spend 100 billion for climate change (which used to be global warming which used to be global cooling) by the year 2020. I love how these people spend our (taxpayers) money. They have not represented the people of the U.S. on anything for a long time. Just a bunch of fear mongering out of the mainstream media to bolster every single crime they commit against all humanity. I offer as proof, 9-11, 2 illegal wars (yellow cake anyone?), global warming, flying pig flu(vaccine anyone?). The interesting thing has become how fast these lies unravel before the public's eyes. Yeah, you still have the most ignorant of society supporting this bullshit, how else can you send your sons and daughters to die in the opium fields and the oil fields?

The truth of the matter is, as the power elite pick and fight over the remaining scraps of the planet, they are quickly losing their power. They rely on deceit and genocide. If people can not see how this climate change treaty would be the death knell for 3rd world countries is beyond me. They have been doing it for many years. Ironic that even though we have a president of color, more brown people would die from this insidious agenda, then ever before. This bullshit is about setting in place limitations. All it really is, is a manged collapse, buying the elite a little more time and to steal the last little bits of wealth. If you support climate change, that's your choice. You should take a closer look behind the curtain. It is nothing like you think it is.

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