Friday, December 18, 2009

St. Al Debunks Climate Skeptics (Almost)

Climate Deniers. That phrase tells you a lot. It was coined by the same people who brought you Holocaust Deniers. Hmmmm. That in and of itself is quite telling. Everything the talking heads on mainstream media talk about is very carefully considered. These talking points are chosen as they relate to the emotional aspect of the phrase. Holocaust Denier came out in response as a way to compromise the growing consensus that the historical depiction of the holocaust could be questioned for it's validity in certain cases. The controlled opposition response is to herd all questions into a category of deniers to falsify the argument and bring in the emotional content to further blur the lines. It is proof of tactics of a psychological warfare that has been occurring for many years, as fought through the mainstream media. It's basically brainwashing. Many people view history in a certain, antiseptic context. Very few people can see that the ruling elite are a blend of Nazi-Zionist-Occult ideals that form the control mechanisms of society. The most successful form of mind control is the system that avoids detection by the masses.

As I have said many times, there are many rabbit holes that go only so deep before you hit the end. One must learn to tunnel sideways in these situation to discover other holes that go much deeper into truth. On 9-11 a hybrid alliance never before possible burst onto the scene. A culmination of groups assembled to pull off the crime of a century. Through technology, media control, and through secret intelligence forces, the deception of an entire world took place. One of the last bastions of freedom fell shortly afterwords. The process of controlling the world has been attempted many times, always by outright force. This time it is a silent war. This time it is a war of information. St. Al the Gore of the climate cult is part of that war. The globalists are. The United Nations is part of that war. The World Banking system. The Zionists of Israel are. A vast conscripted network, that is more organized then you can ever imagine. And here's the kicker. We can not stop them! But they can, and are stopping themselves. The good thing for all of us is they don't trust anyone, especially themselves. As all sides of the beast begin an all out assault on our remaining freedoms, they are trying to take each other out in the process. Where they managed to unite with one goal in mind, as they reached the goal, they decided not to share the spoils of victory, but to try and hoard it all for themselves individually. Their vast greed being their final undoing.

The signs are all around. Their system of control is crumbling on their own heads! They have created years of deceit, genocide, and corruption into such a huge entity of destruction, that it was only a matter of time before it would turn and devour them. They think that they are immune from said force they think they created. This force has been present since the dawn of time. It is a force that balances and rectifies all injustices, and blindly delivers it's swift and sure retribution. I am certainly glad that I am witnessing this, as it will serve as a lesson to never be forgotten by all who have eyes to see it. As a result, one will understand all people have equal worth and value, despite their different levels of being. The power of judgment lies not within our individual being, but within the collective consciousness that this force manifests itself, in destruction and creation. I like to think of it as a simple energetic reaction on a higher level.

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