Tuesday, December 22, 2009


There's a nasty rumor that Obamacare will be rammed though congress on Christmas eve. Merry Christmas! There was another famous bill voted on, on Christmas eve. The Federal Reserve act of 1913. We know how well that worked out for us! Also passed at that time was the unconstitutional federal income tax! Some people say socialism is creeping up on us. I say fascism is here!

History repeats itself again and again. We were warned countless times that our form of government was susceptible to being taken over by large powerful corporations. It has happened. The only thing to stop them is mass protest and a mass strike against this bullshit. We are the only ones responsible for allowing this to happen. The only way to severe the life giving supply of money to the beast is to withhold funds. Every American needs to realize enough is enough. As we must stop feeding the federal reserve so should we stand against this act of piracy. Our best interests have not been cared about for many years. We must do it ourselves. It is our constitutional right to dispose of a government that no longer serves us. The blood sucking leeches that are our federal government need to be sternly reminded who is the boss. Serve them all their walking papers. And for the love of god, kick the Federal Reserve out for once and for all!

We realized the scam that global warming is, despite the trained lap dog media crying about all the man made disaster! We realized what a scam swine flu is, and the sick attempt to poison us all with their soft kill vaccines. This health care fiasco is no different! It is all about wringing every last bit of power, money, and inalienable rights from the people. Wake up gang. Your government is a complete scam. They work for international corporate interests who's only concern is profit. They will kill you for a dime and not think twice about it. That's the cold, hard truth. So wake up, or line up and wait patiently for you government issue life. Oh, by the way, Freedom will never be a part of that life. Just a subservient, boot licking mentality that pays homage to the supreme government! You want to live on your knees, keep believing their bullshit! Good luck with that, and Merry Christmas! Oh, that's right Happy Holidays, because wishing Merry Christmas might offend someone! Political correctness is another fucking scourge of society, designed to keep you within the ever tightening parameters of the control paradigm.
Be yourself, and if someone is offended by the truth, offend them more! Snap them out of their little candy land existence of big daddy government gonna pay my way. With our health care system rated at 37th in the world, how much better do you think it will get with the government running it? Turn off the propaganda machine and wake up to the silent war that has been waged upon you for decades. The game is rigged. It always has been. It is time to stand up to all these assaults and say no more! We must do it now, for in a very short period of time we will be too weak. Join me in confronting every crooked, lying, murdering, pathetic excuse for a human being that supports this garbage. We must stand and call it what it is! A long line of TREASONOUS acts of cowardice. A constant steady march to slavery!

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