Saturday, December 19, 2009

Iranian Cyber Army

The BBC ran this article today about the Iranian Cyber Army hacking twitter to redirect users to a political message. I'm sure I am not to be the first to call BULLSHIT on this one. A quick check of other main stream news finds stories about a political standoff between Iran and Iraq, and Iraq accuses Iran of taking over an Iraqi oil well in disputed territory.

The hacking of twitter is very interesting. The powers that be can not stand the Internet in it's current form. They don't seem to care for social networking either. Information can be spread way too fast for their liking. I would not be surprised to see an all out assault on certain blogs and websites that are not conducive to the main stream media agenda. It is a well known fact that Google, YouTube, and other sites remove and limit access to certain material. I think we will see more and more attempts to exert more and more control. The Internets future looks fuzzy at best.

The propaganda on demonizing Iran, Israel's next country that they want the United States to attack, seems to be picking up steam again. There is a looming dead line for Iran to comply with the United Nations demands for their nuclear power development. They have submitted to regular inspections and ironically the two countries who are in violation of NPT inspections are Israel and the United States. I wonder why sanctions are not enforced against those two countries? Also Iran is supposed to receive Soviet made fighter jets said to be able to protect them from an air invasion. I think they are to start to receive them in a couple of months. Seeing that Israel likes to attack in December I wonder if we will see some military strike on Iran soon.
The timing would probably coincide with a economic event I would imagine to blur the lines on both events. Well, time will tell. I hope that my guess is as much bullshit as the Iranian Cyber Army is. If that's the case we've got nothing to worry about!

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