Sunday, December 6, 2009

This is a Test........

This is a test of the emergency broadcast system, had this been an actual emergency you would have been instructed on what to do to avoid immanent and certain death. Had you not followed our instructions if this were an actual emergency you would suffer the most hideous awful painful death ever devised by evil corrupt ass hats like us. This is only a test.

So after watching Mossad and the CIA blow up skyscrapers in New York (boo!) After watching the Patriot Act shoved down our throats( for your own protection from terrorists BOO!) After watching anthrax spread to government officials, later it was proven to come from the CIA. After watching the WAr on Terra proclaimed (your either with us or against us!) After killing 1 million plus people in said wars( they must have been against us) After watching the poppie fields of Afghanistan produce record yield ( CIA are the largest drug distribution network on the planet!) After watching The largest theft of wealth from the people of planet earth (without even a fucking whimper!) After watching the killer swine flu virus released ( Proven bio-weapon created in a lab, probably Fort Dietrich) and subsequent more lethal vaccine (Just get your damned vaccine this is not a conspiracy) After watching the rise of the Global Climate Cult tell us give us your money or you will die like the drowning polar bears! (ManBearPig! BOOOOOO!)
After you suddenly realise ALL of these MANUFACTURED events are for one purpose only............
To help you to understand one simple truth. Have you figured it out yet? I bet you have.

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