Sunday, December 6, 2009

Odds and Ends

The whole premise of studying the exact nature of our reality is to unify the broken pieces. There are many fragments floating about, seemingly unattached to anything tangible. I think that is a fair description of the human condition at times. I have come to understand that two main simultaneous processes occurring together create our perceptions. The inflow and outflow of energy. We experience a constant array of inflowing information through our senses, to be processed by our mind. This happens when we are awake. When we are sleeping our mind continues to process energy flowing through dreams and inner processing. In return we expel energy through interaction and a constant outflow of energy through the electromagnetic field around our body. A constant, reciprocal process, always changing us, helping us to adapt to the inner and outer landscapes of perception. Integration seems to be the goal. An integrated human is operating in a state of kindness and compassion and knows what love is. A fragmented human is frightened, angry, hostile, and often fighting against everything and everyone. We experience all of these things throughout our life. As we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves we learn to not be tricked so easily into reacting to things. Action is thoughtful of intention, where reaction is without consideration. Reaction is a natural, built in, preservation mechanism.

As we further our understanding of ourselves we begin to approach the root of the state of being. A wonderful scientific experiment proved a startling event. Dr. Vladimir Poponin, found through experiments with DNA in a vacuum chamber a phenomena known as the DNA phantom effect.
Here's my oversimplified version of the experiment.

Dr. Poponin took a vacuum chamber and irradiated individual photons with a laser to make them visible. As was expected the photons where dispersed throughout the vacuum chamber. He then added a DNA strand and the photons gathered on the DNA strand. The remarkable part is when he withdrew the strand, the photons maintained the structure of the DNA! Why did they do that? Why did they not return to the dispersed pattern before the DNA strand was introduced? DNA is like a receiver and transmitter of sound and light waves. DNA contains 64 separate activation switches. It has been determined that only 20 switches are active at this time. What about those other 44 receptor, transmitter switches?

Another interesting discovery is in a light particle's ability to express itself in a wave pattern. As a wave pattern flows across the DNA molecule it will make contact at different points. If the wave is a high frequency wave it will have more closer a spacing in the peaks and valleys. If it is a low frequency wave it will be a longer shallower wave profile. We all know the strand of DNA is two pieces interwoven together. High frequency waves, be they light or sound waves intersect the DNA strands in more places than low frequency waves. The higher the rate of intersection the more points of switch activation. It has been learned that the emotions actually effect DNA in just such a way. Anger or fear has a lower vibratory frequency also ironically pulling the DNA strand apart causing fewer connections. Love on the other hand, through it's higher rate of vibration, compresses the DNA strand, increasing the contacts! These things prove in my mind how much intent from an individual affects reality! Fascinating!

Taking this information, it is interesting to see how someone can manipulate others reality. The constant barrage of frightening news has a direct affect on your being in very dramatic ways. Part of the evolutionary process of man is intentionally being manipulated in a very concrete, tangible way, by keeping people in fear. It is the central mode of oppression by the ruling elite. They are very clever in understanding the different methods of social engineering. Fear mongering is one of the most damaging methods. However, another revelation to come from this information is the fact that one person can make a difference! It does not require every single human to understand these concepts. A few, focused, informed individuals can effect all people. Proof of this lies in the DNA experiments. All it takes is the propagation of the high frequency wave energy to effect the quantum background that emanates throughout all time and space! Remember an atom is 99.9999 % space! Another interesting observation is that this information is also found at the heart of all spiritual teachings. The shift is underway right now!
It is inevitable that the dark forces of oppression and fear will be over run by the masses of people who will live in a much different way, despite all the false programing. The simple root force of creation will always prevail, no matter how much someone thinks they can constrain it!
Love in it's purest expression is the natural culmination of creation and evolution of our species. Fear and hate are the vital catalyst to remind us of this simple fact. May we learn our lessons and become that which we know we must be. Peace to you all!

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