Tuesday, January 12, 2010

False Pandemic?

Read this story very carefully. It echos the knowledge many have had in the alternative news media. It was all hype and bullshit to get you to take dangerous vaccines. I hope none of you did get them. As usual mainstream media applies certain agendas and dispels others. Just because Fox is running this story, do not believe everything they say. It is about the false, left - right paradigm. Fox is the mouth piece of the Neocon-Zionist faction of controllers. It is convenient to expose the swine flu scam because it makes Obama look bad. There is an internal war going on inside you government. All is not well. Whatever you do, DO NOT buy into the utter bullshit that Republicans can save the day. Stop looking for the deceitful government assholes to save your ass. Do it for yourself. The best thing to do is investigate independent candidates for government. Make sure they do not have the global bankers as their handlers. While I applaud Fox News running this swine flu story, I am equally appalled at their continued terrorist rants and warmongering that continue unabated. Always view with a discerning mind.

The article itself is as damning as climategate was to the Copenhagen Climate Conference. Look at this quote from the article; "We want to clarify everything that brought about this massive operation of disinformation. We want to know who made decisions, on the basis of what evidence, and precisely how the influence of the pharmaceutical industry came to bear on the decision-making.

The key is MASSIVE OPERATION OF DISINFORMATION! This simple sentence explains 90 % of mainstream media's reason for existence! Never before has it been so easy to see behind the illusion. Take this knowledge and begin to apply it to every piece of news you see. Ask yourself who benefits from the event. Very often this simple act will give you the true perpetrator. Good luck and keep a wary eye out. The charade is unwinding fast. I am very concerned about a accelerated agenda as a result!


  1. Hi Ether Gary here, I added some incredible new coincidences to the post you read on my blog yesterday, I think you will find it important, I guess you know how to find it, good luck!