Monday, January 11, 2010


ICTS is an Israeli security company. Well that's what they claim. Security would be the last thing they actually provide. You see, just about every so called terrorist attack or attempt had one thing in common. ICTS provided "security". From 9-11 to Britain's 7-7 tube bombing, from the stupid shoe bomber to the even more ridicules underwear bomber, all of these had one thing in common. ICTS provided security. My first question would be why is a foreign company providing security for such high profile targets as airports? Even more interesting is why is this company awarded no bid contracts for such important places after their dismal failures at stopping terrorists? The answer should be obvious. They did not fail at all. They did exactly what they were paid to do.

Every time the powers that be wish to start a new war or enact new laws which revoke more of the citizen's rights, the terrorists show up on cue. Just like Osama bin laden right before the 2004 election. Can anyone say false flag operation? The real terrorists are the Zionists and their puppet governments of Britain and the United States. People really need to accept this. If you wish to salvage a country that resembles the United States. Otherwise keep watching American Idol and act like everything is fine. Keep ignoring what is happening around us. A good question to ask is how many countries must we attack before we are what is considered at war with the world? There was no justification to attack Iraq. We are still there of course. Afghanistan? The country where empires go to die, no justification, unless you consider pipelines and opium justification. Pakistan? Drones kill 140 innocent civilians for every alleged terrorist killed. War has become like a fucking video game to these assholes. Yemen, lots of oil. Somalia, lots of oil. Iran? If its a world war they want, that is exactly what they will get. All of our so called enemies just happen to be enemies of Israel also. Zionists also happen to think they are better than any other people on the planet. God's chosen ones! Why? Greed? Conquest? Destruction? Control? Those who are in love with these things are very sick twisted souls. These would be the same who run child prostitution rings for the fun of it. Just because they can. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Even though all of these people will be held accountable soon we must stand and oppose them. If we do nothing, we are just as guilty as they are. We must find our voices and speak of their abominations. For you see, there is a balancing energy that will return to rectify the situation. We do not want to be on the wrong side of that when it occurs. That is only possible by embracing in your heart the truth and the right thing to do. You can not justify rape, torture, or murder. Those acts will bring about the appropriate, balancing force to restore order. It is only a matter of time. Until then we must act to uncover these acts, even if it is our leaders who are guilty. This brings us to now. My main concern is as follows.

ICTS is at the heart of every terrorist attack. Terrorist attacks provide the fear factor and justification for increased wars and a furtherance of a totalitarian, police state. The wars we fight are the enemies of Israel. The Zionist masters control our country through the military, CIA, and the international bankers, predominately Goldman Sachs and Wall St. They want a big war. They want to attack Iran. The only way they can do this is to have a big terrorist attack. One of the biggest, international events is happening in February. The Olympics are coming to Canada.
Take a wild guess which company is providing security for this huge event? Yup, ICTS.
For the love of the gods and all people everywhere, I hope and pray that nothing happens. But as we have seen time and time again, when a reason is needed the consent is always manufactured by deeds that are usually nothing less than pure evil! Please just let this be a fictional scenario that never plays out in reality. I am concerned though, as they are becoming desperate. Time will tell, and if any of you have any pull with a certain benevolent force in the universe, now would be the time to petition said entity! May my concerns find no basis in reality!

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