Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti's Crisis

The death toll in the recent Haitian earthquake will be staggering. As staggering as the conditions were before the earthquake. You see, Haiti, is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. As this article shows, malnutrition, poverty, government corruption, and hopelessness were a daily fact of life even before the earthquake. Don't get me wrong, the earthquake is just another tragedy heaped upon a series of tragedies bestowed upon these people. If it is possible, there can be some good to come from the earthquake, and this is how.

The earthquake, as terrible as it is, could perhaps bring some much needed attention to this impoverished country. With the worlds attention cast upon them, perhaps a better understanding of what really happened can be attained. For you see, the earthquake could, in an ironic twist of fate, be the saving grace of Haiti. Haiti is an example of globalism. Haiti is an example of U.S. intervention in political affairs. Haiti is an example of how being dependent on the IMF is a disaster for all poor countries who rely on this world banking system that is supposed to help impoverished countries. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The IMF is the wealth extraction arm of the world bank that seals the fate of those who rely on them for help.

The rich countries of the world continue to suck the resources of the poor like a giant hoover.
In Haiti, 30 years ago, they had the capacity to provide their own food. After intervention and a puppet regime was installed, loans secured by the IMF sealed the countries fate. Rice, heavily subsidized by the U.S. was sold to the Haitians. Cheap labor was guaranteed for the state's textile companies. The results were obvious. Poverty and starvation continued to be the norm. All because of a global monetary system that makes it impossible to repay loans. Sound familiar?

This system of enslavement has been around a long time. Haiti is just one example of the total attempted control and genocide of certain groups of people. To this day, the ruling elite of the world view with disgust the 3rd world impoverished people of the world, when they all know damn well that they are the people responsible for this situation. They view it as a game. It is an Endgame. Survival of the fittest. These people have always been the psychopaths that have ruled.
The sad truth is as you watch all of the heroic efforts to help the people of Haiti, realize that all of the death and destruction you see is not just from the earthquake. You are witnessing hundreds of years of forgotten oppression. The attention being given to Haiti is long overdue. The sad part is that only a catastrophe of the likes of complete devastation brings out the much needed help. That exact behavior is what must change. The best of us should not be reserved for crisis. We should exemplify it to everyone, each and every day. Haiti is a reminder of just how broken our system truly is. May we be strong enough to demand the much needed change in this system. May we all learn to be empathetic to the sufferings of those in need. May we be granted the courage to dismantle the system that was partially responsible for the crisis in Haiti.