Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Taking Advantage of a Bad Thing

Haiti earthquake:Police admit gangs have taken over Port -Au-Prince
CIA Contractor Now Flying Spy Drone Over Haiti
U.N. Agrees to Send 3500 More Peacemakers To Haiti
U.S. Marines "Hit the Beaches" To Help Stricken Haiti
Doctors Group Complains Haiti Supplies Diverted
Haiti Relief: Companies Profit from Rebuilding Efforts
Haitian Orphans for Sale

Many patterns emerge from events if you look closely. There appears to be nothing short of a military take over in Haiti. Many of those going to help are turned away. Many trying to get aid and resources to the Haitians are turned away. Does this sound familiar? Does Hurricane Katrina ring a bell? Is it coincidental that poor people are always finding themselves in these situations?

The world economic system has winners and losers. This does not occur by accident. The people of third world countries are forced into poverty by corrupt governments, (usually friendly to the U.S. government), and forced loans that can never be paid back. The corrupt governments then open the countries resources to exploitation from international companies. The people may be hired on as slave labor to surrender their countries resources. In any event, the game has been the same for many years. This game is the globalist agenda.

The U.S. has spent billions of tax payer dollars to arm Israel to the teeth, while spending next to nothing on aid to poor countries. If you throw in the cost of the 9-11 wars, (all enemies of Israel) you have a staggering amount of money that could have been used for our own countries needs, along with providing a lot of help to others. When will people wake up to the fact that unending war is unsustainable and the primary cause of our severe decline that can be likened to the Soviet collapse of the late 80's?

Meanwhile Americans spend billions on donating to charities each disaster, to only learn that much of the aid donated, never reaches the people who need it most. Look at the newest, convenient way to donate, send a text message and ten dollars will be deducted from your phone bill. It's quick, easy, cheap and you feel like you did a good thing for those less fortunate. However I would be curious as to how much of that ten dollars actually made it to a Haitian in need.

So we shall see, but right now this appears to be another wipe the slate clean operation like Katrina was. How many poor people who were displaced are back in New Orleans? How many fancy condo projects were built in place of affordable housing for the poor. When the death and destruction subside in Haiti, how many poor Haitians will be left? My guess is about enough to serve the rich who will turn their country into another vacation destination, for just like New Orleans, what else do you do when an area is wiped clean of the poor? Rebuild condos and resorts and casinos! How convenient it is when a disaster strikes. Just like a predator, the U.S. government will never let a good disaster go to waste! Be it caused by man or nature. The line between the two becoming more blurred with each passing day!