Thursday, January 21, 2010

Past Campaign Mode

OK! So, everyone barely managed to sleep off the tea party victory hangover when oops! Now that were past campaign mode, (that's political doublespeak, which really means, Now that I don't have to lie anymore), I AM ALL FOR HEALTH CARE REFORM! (Translation from political doublespeak: The Government must have the kickbacks from the insurance companies that it will get for forcing everyone to buy health insurance!)

Talk about blowing up the left- Right paradigm! Wake up gang! They are nothing but liars!
Every single branch of your government are thieving, murderous, liars!
Want more proof? The supreme court ruled today to relieve campaign limitations from corporations! A corporation can donate as much as it wants to any politician!
Wake up gang- that is an open declaration we are now officially a FASCIST government.
So now you got rigged elections, unlimited campaign donations, and a fanatical war is peace government. Don't it make you proud to be an American? And the best part is, WE let this shit happen! And still we slumber, only to wake up and watch American Idol!

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