Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What's Going On here?

What is really going on? Well tomorrow night Mr. Obama will address the nation. He will talk about how tough times really are and if we all pull together and make sacrifices we will see the hard times through. If he parrots the mainstream media he will talk about the terrible terrorist threat and how much we need homeland security and the military to have all the money they need to fight the war on terror and keep us out of harms way. Then he will talk about the need to cut all other spending. That means social aid. That means the millions who are struggling, are going to struggle even more. It shouldn't be happening this way. What is really going on?

Well, to start with you can look at the country's gutted manufacturing industry. Incentives and tax breaks to move jobs out of the country made quick work of what was the most productive country the world ever seen. The steady parade of lying con artists that are our government, are the real problem. Whether they work others or themselves is irrelevant. One things for sure. They have not worked for us since the early 60's. They all are lying thieves! Republican or Democrat. Contrary to popular belief, we have blown right by socialism and have landed squarely in the land of fascism. For you see losses and profits are shared by all in socialism. Only losses are shared in fascism, profits are kept private by the fascists. WE ARE THERE!

Amerika Inc. is about to run aground. Nothing short of a miracle can prevent the widespread suffering from getting worse. Much worse. I do believe in miracles. I also think we are going to have to force them into being. Amerika Inc. has been hijacked by a bunch of international pirates. We have, as the common people had our share of victories. We are not forced to pay a carbon tax yet, the flying pig flu and vaccines didn't kill many of us, and we don't have forced and rationed hell-care just yet. What we do have is a bankrupt system that in it's death knell, is looking to finish the looting job it started in 2008. To put it bluntly gang, we are on the verge of complete collapse. These fascists will not go quietly into the night. They will go out with a bang!

If my guess is correct, and it doesn't take a degree in bullshit to see it, we are being set up for another big terrorist attack. It is the only way they can expand the world war. I have decided that when your county is blatantly attacking several other countries it is a world war. We could call it Nazi Fascism part 2, Zionist style. Whatever you decide to call this fucked up shit, it boils down to us starving and freezing, in order to send our children to kill brown and black people. Unless of course we decide we have had enough of this bullshit. The fascist assholes have made it very clear. They are not going to stop killing people. They are equal opportunity murders. They don't care if it's here or abroad. Anybody that can not see that or deal with it is just plain delusional. Look at Haiti for Christ's sake. It is a military occupation that has already cost thousands of lives. It has been an economic occupation for 200 years that has cost enumerable lives.

My main point of this post is to try to help you to understand that Amerika Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of World Fascists Inc. Unless you are on their board of directors you are nothing but a worthless eater in their eyes. Nothing but a piece of meat to feed their nonstop grinders, hoping like hell you will be good and terrified when you die so you provide the maximum amount of negativity before you leave this wonderful world! In case you haven't noticed there is something very wrong here today. Look around you. Is this the place you knew as a kid? Did you do anything to make it this way? Of course not. We are taught to play by the rules, work our asses off, pay our taxes, and we are told in return we will have a good life and be left alone. How's that working out for you?

If we continue to hold our tongues and silently comply with this insanity we will surely be given our just deserves. If we continue to fall for their absolutely false justifications for murdering innocents through the war on terror, there will be a price to pay. There already is. Either your with them or against them. If you support them, then give them your money and shut the fuck up. If your against them, then get mad and make some noise about it. It is quite simple. If we all got fed up with them stealing our money, invading and killing in our name, and not doing what they are supposed to be doing for our country, we could get their attention really quick. If we all stood up and said your not getting another cent until you do what is right for us, they would be cowering in the corner. We must be smart though. No violence, just civil disobedience. What we need is a mass strike. It is in the making. I can feel it. When the time comes we will all know it. We have no choice any longer. I hope to see you all out there. I hope to see everyone out there!

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