Tuesday, February 2, 2010

John Woo Protest

John Woo was the main legal architect of the Bush-Cheney torture program. The secret memo's written by Woo and two others, Bybee and Bradbury, were the main legal documentation used to justify torture, already being performed by the CIA. It was these memos that gave rise to the phrase "enhanced interrogation techniques", a nice flowery way to say torture! I remember when I was young, and my father took me to the movies to see Pappilon. The evil enemy was always the ones who tortured! That's the good ole U.S.A. now. Remember the Nuremberg war crimes trial? The Judges and lawyers who rewrote the laws to make the holocaust legal were found guilty of war crimes themselves. The hope and change guy decided that this agenda fit him well also. As this article explains in detail, it appears Woo and company will be completely exonerated.
Hope and change you can believe in my ass!
Whether we want to face it or not, we are the assholes in the world now.
I applaud and support any and all protests and disruptions to these criminals.
Anytime these murders try to speak in public they should be called out!
Let their brainwashed supporters be damned as well.
Your either with them or against them!

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