Friday, February 5, 2010

Backdoor Carbon Nazis!

Here you can find the homepage for a joint effort between NASA and Cisco named, Planetary Skin.
With all the insanity happening, this is still being pursued. This brings disaster capitalism
to a whole new level!

Well wasn't that fun? Can you say total planetary control?
Notice the similarities between the cop 15 graphics and the video's
graphic depiction of the global censors?

......and then we have this. The carbon disclosure project.
If they can't enact legislation to force the carbon tax, they will do it through the backdoor of corporatism. What do you get when corporations control the government? Fascism!
Welcome to their future vision. Where smart grids, carbon tax, and global monitoring control every aspect of society. This also puts them in the drivers seat to profit from every single disaster that occurs. Shades of Katrina and Haiti, over and over again. Welcome to the brave new world, 1984 style!

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