Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Why are people thrown in Federal prison for viewing child pornography when literally thousands of government sanctioned "TSA" employees view naked children everyday? I don't know if you are aware of the type of people the TSA employs but the term shady comes to mind. As we have seen in online sex sting operations, you only have to advertise the goods and the pedophiles crawl out of the woodwork. How many TSA employees are pedophiles, drooling over the naked children images, paraded before them everyday? How many are building personal collections of images by pushing the save button, that officials swear does not exist. Am I the only person sickened by this blatant abuse of power our government forces us to endure? Oh that's right, it's for our own safety.

Why is a tiny middle east country allowed to control the actions of the only remaining superpower? I am of course referring to Israel. Why can the country with the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in the region, not be considered the biggest threat? Iran however, a country that has not attacked anyone for over 200 yrs. is considered the biggest threat. Perhaps Israel is holding some very interesting information that provides substantial black mailing power over the entire western world. Information that would prove 9-11 was not perpetrated by Muslim terrorists, but by someone a little closer to home. If that became headlines then all those wars fought against terrorism would be lies also (gee do you think?) Then all of those draconian laws passed that severely curtail our constitutional freedoms (including naked body scanning), would be exposed as the frauds that they are also. If this indeed is the case, and Israel wants war against Iran, war it shall get, with U.S. soldiers being the canon fodder (nothing new there).

Why can't people see the one and only reason for the worlds economic woes are the central banks which our federal reserve is a part of? Why is it so difficult to see that any banking system which charges more money than is ever actually available, will always end up with all the money? Why can't people see that the federal reserve is a private international bank, outside of the government and not constitutionally valid as the power to create currency lies solely with Congress and no one else? Why don't we stop paying federal income tax as it is illegal as defined by our constitution?

How can we be forced to by a private product by law? Nazi Germany had a great many laws that most people followed and look how they ended up. Just because something is a law doesn't mean it is right. Who cares about right or wrong? Everyone seems to think, just leave me alone, let me enjoy my recreation when not at work, I don't want to hear bad news! It is this type of apathy that will make possible the extreme Orwellian reality that already exists on many levels. Kids already accept many things that older people could never dream of happening. Hell th care is on the way. What do you think is in store for baby boomers who are retired drawing social security? I am immediately reminded of Charlton Heston screaming "Soylent Green is made of people!" Makes me laugh because my Dad really liked that movie and took me to see it when I was twelve. Thanks Dad!

When will it become obvious that taxation without representation is not just a catchy phrase, but a the battle cry of the Republic? Speaking of which, when will people realize we are not a mob rules Democracy but a rule of natural law, REPUBLIC? I say natural law, because these insane, control freak, lawyers we call politicians don't seem to remember what natural laws are. You know the right to pursue happiness and such! That's because the international globalists have decided they know whats best (for keeping themselves rich and powerful).

Are you angry yet? If not your busy burying your head in your ass and you need to stop that. We need you now. We need you to say NO. That's all. Just say NO to pedophiles, liars, thieves, and murderers. Well so much for agreeing with the Federal Government!

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