Monday, March 22, 2010

Global Warming, Brand Name: Climate Change

Even despite the damning evidence from the leaked emails that proved the science behind anthropogenic global warming is a farce, the show must go on. If one does a little research into the craze that is "Climate Change" one can find how the environmental movement has been completely hijacked by nothing less than nefarious intent. The fact is incredible amounts of money have been invested into the carbon tax and trade market. However this is much more than just making money. It's also about global governing and population control which in my opinion is nothing short of genocide. Just like people fell for the Obama advertising campaign, so they fall for the green movement. It's all about the illusion of feeling good while consuming the planet. Oh and then to atone for your sins of producing excess carbon dioxide, you must pay a fee. Basically this boils down for paying for the right to breathe out!

Once the laws are rammed down our throat, we will be required to install carbon dioxide sensors in our homes, workplaces, and all public buildings. Violate the mandated "safe limits" you will be subject to increased fines, fees, and additional taxes. This means if you wish to have sex with your love one, the additional carbon dioxide from heavy breathing will cost you! Now I know some of you think this is ridicules, but if you really think about it, the implications could be staggering. They are committed to this bullshit, it is not going away. The real problem is they are taking some truth and twisting it to blame us for a natural occurring cycle of change.

If you look at the situation carefully, you will find many natural causes for the changing climate. First off increased volcanic activity is having a dramatic effect on the weather. Most volcanoes are under the oceans created increased warming. Coupled with decreasing temperatures in the atmosphere, as per satellite data, we have increased intensity and frequency of storms as more water vapor (95 % of green house gases) is pumped into the atmosphere. Whether or not anyone realizes it, global temperature averages have trended downward for at least 15 yrs, hence the hide the decline verbiage from the IPCC. This is a natural cycle. We are in the warm period between ice ages. The trend is changing though and we appear to be entering another ice age.

Scientists in general work very hard to convince us that changes occur very slowly over long periods of time. In many cases this is true, but there are events to the contrary. For example we have all heard of the mammoth found flash frozen with buttercups still in it's mouth. Or there is the bizarre find in northern Siberia, where millions of skeletons of extinct animals such as mammoths, sabre tooth tigers, giant bison, etc. were found pushed against the river beds, in what appeared to be a very violent, instant occurrence of catastrophic effect. It was as if some force scoured the land like a giant bulldozer. What caused this sudden change?

It is obvious that the powers behind the global warming cult understand that natural cycles of change occur on a very predictable basis. In conjunction with these changes we also find very high levels of iridium. This is not a naturally occurring element on earth. It comes from space. Comets to be exact. Coincidentally the U.S. military classified all incoming space bollides as of last year. At the same time sightings of fireballs, explosions in the atmosphere, shooting stars, etc have skyrocketed. Could there be a link? I think so. The bottom line being, it's all not caused by increased human activity. It's not your fault the sky is falling, and you shouldn't have to pay a tax for it either. Wake up to this huge deception that the governments, media, and corporations continue to propagate upon us. It's all just another scheme to extract more wealth!

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