Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Eggs, Obamacare, 9-11, and Other Illusions

The power of belief is mind blowing. As children we are taught all of these different fairy tales to believe in. Easter bunnies, tooth fairies, fat elves bearing gifts, on and on. Is it any wonder as we grow into adulthood we find it so easy to be deceived? Who started all this crap anyway? We all just think well it was done to us, so we do it to our kids, after all it's all just harmless fun. Or is it?

Why not use the myths and traditions to teach our children something much more important and useful? How about how to critically think for ourselves? The problem is, most of us do not know how to do it. We simply are too tired or distracted with trying to earn a living to put any sincere effort into thinking about things. It has become much more easier to rely on quick news sources to gather information. When you watch and listen to news, you receive edited bites of information, delivered in a manner to evoke strong emotional responses to attach to the information. Have you ever asked yourself why it is so difficult to have a rational discussion about certain topics? It is this way because we attach those strong emotions to certain ideals or beliefs about things. For myself, I have noticed the more I study and attempt to learn how to think for myself, the clearer my perspective becomes without going into an emotional reaction. Not that there is anything wrong with emotion or passion, it just sometimes leads to confrontation rather than clarity of thinking. Clarity is key, and once you see how confrontation and arguing are used to keep people separated you begin to know the extent of the battle of perception.

The simple fact is if people could understand the depths of how they are deceived and controlled, they would spend a lot more time cultivating activities that would strengthen critical thinking. Nowhere is this truth more evident than in religion and government. Also it just so happens to be, two of the most difficult topics to have a rational conversation about with another human being. It seems to me the culprit is always belief. As kids maybe not so harmful, as adults.......devastating. Just believe in religion. Believe in government. Believe in human caused global warming. Believe in swine flu. Believe we know what's best for you, because these things will harm you, and we can save you from them, all it takes is obedience and money. Well I can tell you I have had enough of both systems of control. The only reason the exist is because most people believe them. Wake the fuck up!

I have thrown obamacare in as it is the most serious power grab we face at the moment. Until the environmental protection agency forces us to believe that carbon dioxide is a poisonous gas, that each and every one of us exhales at the rate of 45,000 parts per million. The acceptable level will be far below that rate. It is all about the same bullshit it has been about for ions. Those who have perceived control will go to any lengths to keep it, including trying to convince people of some of the most ridicules bullshit to make them believe it. If we believe we will obey, with action and money, which is always transferred through fees or more accurately stated, taxes. Remember the old saying, the only things you can count on are death and taxes? Obamacare and the global warming cult promise both in large doses. It is all the same game folks. Being run on us in different ways to tighten the corporate-governmental grip on us. Nothing more than wealth extraction tools.

I saved the biggest illusion for last. It is the biggest hurdle to jump over. It is considered too controversial for most people to even whisper about. The 9-11 terrorist attack on our country. I think every sane individual can agree that a group of people conspired to attack our nation that day. I can tell you I have read just about every idea ever written on the subject. Nothing intrigues me more than the crime of the century. Most people point towards Osama's band of Muslim terrorists as the culprits. They certainly had a role to fulfill. Anyone who has done any kind of research knows Osama, aka, Tim Osman, is a known CIA asset that helped the Taliban become armed with stinger missiles to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. they were known as freedom fighters of course. Until 9-11. That of course is the official story. Obviously there was a little more to it. Make no mistake, the most powerful military was subverted that day. The United States continuity of government was infiltrated, and the United States Naval command was taken over, the FAA and NORAD was stood down, and the commander and chief of the largest military force the world has ever known was stripped of his leadership and sent to read a goat story to kids in Florida. Conveniently the leader of the joint chiefs of staff was over the Atlantic ocean on a flight to Europe. How can a man in a cave possibly have the resources to achieve all of these things? He didn't, but the people he was working for did.

The world is under the illusion that the United States is the most powerful country in the world. They are only the most visibly powerful entity. The most powerful hidden entity, and most powerful by far as the U.S. takes their marching orders from them is the Rothschild dynasty. Never bullshit yourself about this. Many a researcher has wandered down the dark alley of conspiracy only to be led to the blind alley of the CIA, Mossad, and M16 were the perps on 9-11. They all played roles, but the conductor was a handful of folks playing a very sick game. Just like the Bank of England was completely taken over by the Red Shield in 1815, after Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo, so was the U.S. Treasury taken over by the Federal Reserve on the days after 9-11. Why do you think Wall St. shut down for 4 days? The Stock Market became a subsidiary of Rothschild, along with the wealth of the nation. 9-11 was the death knell of America's sovereignty, we are now living pre -Independence war as a common wealth of Rothschild Inc, who of course owns England. Oh by the way, The U.S. never did win the war of Independence as we were taught to believe! The King's tax was quietly collected afterwards and continues to this day through the Federal Reserve banking system and the IRS.

The bottom line is illusions only have the power to control if they are believed in. As we find out there is no Easter bunny, no Santa, no tooth fairy, we also find out that the government robs us blind, religion rapes our children. What does that leave us with? Simple. Stop believing things. Start thinking for yourselves. Those so called institutions of social order are collapsing. Let them rest in peace. We don't need them if we learn to stop believing and start knowing what the exact nature of our reality really is. It is you! After all, you are the one who buys the Easter baskets, buys the toys, leaves money under the pillow, pays your taxes, supports your church. You are All of those things rolled into one person. You have all the power you need, given to you daily, and it didn't cost you one cent!

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