Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chicago- Big Brother Style (Obama Redux)

Many will assume I am of a conservative bend if I slam Obama. I am neither conservative or liberal. I am human first and foremost. I have spent many years railing against the former Bush led, draconian government. It is very interesting when you see beyond the false left-right political paradigm, you become allies and enemies of both. The masters love to see us divided. They benefit immensely from the infighting. As the video above shows, the current government is focused on enslaving us in a deteriorating society as much as the previous one. Wake up people. There is NO DIFFERENCE! The only that changes is the rhetoric of the divisive methods used to ensnare us.

When you look at this video it should disturb you in many ways. The inevitable tie in with Homeland Security and terrorism is the huge red flag. When will it become obvious to Americans that your federal government considers it's citizenry to be the terrorists. They are trying to push us to revolt. I see Chicago as a prototype of sorts with it's command center and surveillance cameras. What the fuck? This shit is beyond fucked up. It's complete and utter bullshit! How free do you feel now? How can there be freedom with constant monitoring? Look at what we have become. It is not about security, it is about control.

In a time when society is in a virtual free fall from lack of jobs (outsourcing encouraged through tax breaks), crumbling infrastructure from lack of funding (yet plenty of money to fund the world wide war machine), an illegal federal reserve banking system that has plundered the nations wealth, and social decay brought on by plentiful drugs supplied courtesy of your federal government (and of course the ensuing War on Drugs), when is it time to say enough is enough?
There is no doubt that we still need a government for society, but don't we deserve a little more than this?

The constant parade of corruption, lies and deceit that is government is only a symptom of a much larger problem that stares us all in the face. This shit exists because we allow it to. We allow ourselves to be manipulated. We allow ourselves to be lied to. We allow ourselves to be herded into left or right, as if either is a real choice. Obama is a carefully crafted liar. A salesman who sold a country on hope and change. We were desperate for something different other than the totally bogus Bush regime. Look what we got. Where is the hope? Where is the change? Every single promise has been broken. Do you think the answer lies in voting? Wake up.

The video shows you what lies ahead for us all. This police surveillance state is necessary to prevent us from rising up. Wake up. The truth sometimes sucks. The truth is we have endured a nonstop assault since day one. Since the humble beginnings of the need to direct and control others, the most cunning, deceptive individuals made their way to the top of the food chain. The most recent incarnates for the job have performed their roles flawlessly. It may help to remember that the puppets on the stage are only fulfilling their contracted roles in the game of life. They serve as reminders of who we as individuals really are. My hypothesis is if we cannot see the games that people play, we are at some level still engaged in those games ourselves. This is not a bad thing, it just is. We all are at different levels of being. I myself see myself at an infantile level in all of this. I am learning too. May we all grow up together and learn what we need to learn so that we no longer need these people to teach us.

In closing, Obama is just the most recent in a long line of criminals who through their power and influence, are destroying the final remaining remnants of the idea that was a constitutional republic. Hell, most people think we are a democracy! The so called constitutionalists cry out about the founding fathers as if they walked on water. It seems to me that the land owners and slave owners at the time, or the elite if you will, came together to form a plan to protect their own ASSets. I don't think they were planning on common people trying to claim their rights as free, sovereign individuals. Had they known that, they would have tried to enforce the ultimate control grid on people also. Remember all empires are doomed to fail. We are seeing the last ditch efforts of a failing empire, trying to exert control over the populace. Interesting how we are witnessing the demise of each power center on the planet. This empire has been centuries in the making. It's global centers lie on all corners of the globe. Our country is not the empire. We are only the enforcement branch. Why do you think violence reigns supreme here? Washington D.C. is the center for the empire's military, with a branch office in Israel. The empire's global center for religion is the Vatican. Things certainly are not as we were led to believe there are they? The empire's center for monetary control is the square mile in Britain known as London city. Obama is just a shill for the empire. If you want proof of that, do a little research on the carbon trade market. Hint: follow the money! I wonder what the carbon footprint is of the command center in the video? HA! I wonder how many people will die as a result of this bullshit? Not so funny now. Unless of course your one of the assholes. Then you can laugh all the way to the bank!

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