Friday, April 9, 2010

When Pigs Fly Flu

I have not written anything about swine flu for a long time. I was posting upwards of 2-3 posts a week last summer in an attempt to try and warn people of the dangers of vaccines. As this article here shows, my fears were very well founded. For what ever reason the flu season was a big bust as far as vaccine makers are concerned. Your all wise and caring government however sees fit to keep the declared state of emergency for the country on the books until 2012! Gee I wonder why they would do that?

Rumors also abound about dumping the millions of unused swine flu vaccines on the public schools, although I can't verify that rumor. Make no mistake, we have not heard the last of this debacle. As the above article makes reference, people who received seasonal flu shots were more likely to become infected with the swine flu virus. Hmmm, I wonder why that would be? After all, I thought the pharmaceutical companies cared about us just like our government does! Vaccines are big business. Soon all of us on that fancy new health care program will find out just how big. If you happen to find yourself on the government plan you will see that you will have no choice but to roll up your sleeve. Not this slave! Massa gonna have to find a different servant to experiment on.

As the facts of the whole health care system become obvious we will all see just how much we were all sold down the river. The facts about the flu vaccines are available, if you search out an unbiased researcher who is not in the pharmaceutical companies pocket. You also will not find this information on the main stream news media. This was a contrived illness from day one. The virus was created in a military lab. Don't take my word for it. Do some research. This whole scam is as bad as Global Warming, 9-11, the war on terror, the federal reserve banking system, and genetically modified food. Oh boy, what's next? You probably don't want to know, or if your like me, you do want to know! Chances are it will be a repackaged attempt to sell us one of the above.

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