Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bits and Pieces

This just in on CNN, Junes issue of Playboy will feature a 3d centerfold!
Are you fucking kidding me? Really?
I am beyond words. How any rational human being can even begin to think they are getting real news from the corporate rag media is beyond me, unless of course it makes your day to know you will be feasting your eyes on a 3d centerfold.
If that be the case do me a favor, be one of the first in line when depopulation comes into vogue!

On a much brighter note, in the real world, the oil flow in the gulf is continuing, unabated. (Please note the sarcasm)
CNN's version of the event labels it a spill. No, it's not a fucking spill, it is a constant flow of oil, which some independent scientists, meaning the ones who are not on the government's payroll, are saying could be 5 times the rate the corporate media are saying it is. One thing is for certain, this alleged accident has the potential to become humanities worst environmental disaster ever!
Words can not describe how I feel about this. Unless someone figures out a way to stop the flow of oil into the gulf, the world will never be the same. I must admit some of the ideas to stop the flow are a bit frightening too, ie; nuclear bomb!
If you had the chance to see the amateur film footage on youtube you can see the gulf appears to be bleeding! Meanwhile, CNN reports on Playboy centerfolds!

In other news you won't get on CNN, a bill was voted on in the senate last Friday concerning the Federal Reserve banking system of the U.S. As many know, the Federal Reserve is an extension of the world system of central banks. These are the money changers. They are the evil bastards that Lincoln and Kennedy were murdered for opposing. You know, the greedy scumbags who are orchestrating the overthrow of the country(actually they already did on 9-11). As the more aware folks out there already know, the convenient market crash the day before the vote, was a little reminder that anyone who truly threatens the Oligarchs, will experience an economic crash that will make the great depression look like child's play. It is important to point out that the original bill to audit the Fed was introduced into the senate by Ron Paul. The bill that was passed is so severely compromised that it will have no effect in limiting the power of the Federal Reserve. Remember the Federal Reserve is not a constitutionally backed entity. It is a foreign banking system, centered in the City of London, owned in part by the Rothschild family. Our Federal tax money goes not to the Federal government, but to the London bankers! This just in from EEN, we lost the war for Independence! (EEN- EtherEagle News)

Moving on, next week a John Kerry sponsored bill on, wait for it, Carbon tax and trade, will be rammed through the senate in the hopes of taxing the shit out of us for the right to exhale carbon dioxide. Word has it the carbon dioxide in soda pop will be banned as poisonous!
This fucking shit is so ridicules, how can anyone continue to believe this c02 mania?
Incidentally in related news, Fannie Maye, the governments home loan fiasco, needs another bailout of 8 billion to stay afloat. This is related because Fannie owns the rights to the residential carbon trade market. Oh and the founder of Co2e, the company with patented rights to set up the carbon trade market, died in world trade center one on 9-11. That's how Fannie came to own the rights. For those interested, research who died on 9-11! Lots of interesting stuff. Ask yourself, who benefits?

Finally, as the bulk of the Polish government was wiped out in an ACCIDENTAL plane crash, and most of the worlds leaders blame non existent volcanic ash to not attend funerals, one must ask, who controls reality here? Hint: Volcanic ash warning dispensed by the Met agency. The British weather forecast agency. Where did the bulk of the alleged climate science come from to support global warming? Who controls the worldwide monetary system? Who funded and had the technology to pull off 9-11? Hmmm, it seems our ally is not our ally at all.
This just in, David Cameron becomes prime minister of Britain. Why should we care?
RESEARCH! What will you find? Be afraid folks, be very afraid!
The fun is only just beginning!
Oh and BP? That used to stand for British Petroleum.
Coincidence? You tell me.

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