Saturday, May 22, 2010

Video; Council on Foreign Relations

Ahem, trust us we do such good work! I also have a good line on some great gulf front property, real cheap! OK, sorry about that, but this really makes me laugh. I guess they are more than a little concerned about their image. Hm. I wonder why that is? Maybe trying to look so good when things look so bad, makes them think people will believe them. Do they really think a slick ad with celeb endorsements sway people into to believing they are not a main round table group for pushing the agenda of the most powerful, corrupt people on the planet? Oh that's right, never mind, go back to watching American Idol and forget that the whole world is crumbling because of these ass hats! Just pretend that everything will be fine.

"Good morning Mr. Anderson"
"Who is this?"
"Destiny Mr Anderson, your destiny"
"I don't believe in....."
"You don't believe in what Mr. Anderson?"
"I don't believe in......destiny."
"Then you certainly don't believe in the Matrix"

Fade to black........

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