Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The More Things Change

We now have an ecological disaster of biblical proportions. We now have an economic disaster of depression proportions. We now have a political disaster of truly fascistic proportions. It does appear that a full blown lock down of humanity is in full scale mode on just about every level of being. Meanwhile the earth seems ready to blow her top as volcanic activity continues to increase. Maybe just maybe, something or someone is trying to get our attention. Will we learn to listen?

For those keeping score, the fine threads weaving between all of these events are the usual culprits. What do the Zionists of Israel, B.P., Goldman Sachs, The Federal Reserve, The Democrats, The Republicans, The Royal Family of Britain, The Catholic Religion, every major societal control mechanism both seen and unseen have in common? They have all been subverted by a ruthless group of psychopaths. Some food for thought along these lines.

Goldman Sachs, sold 44% of it's B.P. stock 3 weeks before the deep well horizon blowout. (Shades of 9-11 put orders).
Israel attacks 6 ships bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza. One of those ships incidentally was flying a U.S. flag. (Three were Turkish, two were Greek)
These attacks occurred in international waters and as many as 20 people were thought to be killed, possibly an American also.
Such behavior is considered piracy at best, and an act of war at worst! (Google the USS LIBERTY to learn this is not the first time Israel has attacked the U.S.)
The world reacts with outrage at such a cowardly act of violence against peaceful actions.
The U.S. Federal Government stands in support of Israel.
What would happen if Iran was the one attacking the aid ships?
Tehran would be under 3 ft. of glass already!
What does this tell us folks?

The muddied waters, or oily waters as the case may be, become clearer when we study the connections. The entire world is about to awaken from their slumber and realize that the misfortunes of humanity have very real and identifiable causes. Long gone is the age of innocence and ignorance. The psychopathic cabal that has hijacked humanity is terrified of this emerging reality. It is proven in their insatiable need to control and regulate. When one examines the evidence, outside of their manufactured appearance of reality, their game would be laughable if not for taking so many innocent lives in the process. The good news is their control structures are collapsing faster than the twin towers falling at free fall speed on 9-11! (Along with building 7! which was reported by BBC world before it happened, hint,hint)

The collapse moment will be upon us soon. Some already know it, others are awakening to it, all will live it very soon. Those who have anticipated it's coming are already prepared. You don't stock pile food, guns and fuel to survive this epic collapse. You prepare spiritually. The other side of this change is a direct result of the process. We all will someday experience the end of our physical bodies. I choose to focus on preparing my inner being while trying to have a positive impact for those to come. The only means I see of accomplishing that is a never ending search for truth. That is my agenda. To try and disclose the truth. Anyone with other pieces feel free to comment! Good luck! We are going to need it!

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