Friday, June 25, 2010

Obama's Killswitch Charade

Well if that don't beat all. Imagine my utter surprise when I found out Obama is looking to be the keeper of the Internet kill switch. That's right, our wonderful president is looking for the legislation to go through to allow him soul keeper of the key to shut off the Internet. Quite frankly I would hope that would be the opening salvo of the revolution. But probably not, unless it was an armchair revolution.

Still it is alarming to think Obama could decide whether the last bastion of free speech is shut down. If by some odd chance this were to happen it would prove once and for all the government doesn't give a flying shit about anyone. We already know that though. One only has to look to the gulf to see that. Remember Obama=Corporate Dictatorship. We already know that also. And don't think for a second that I support the Republican answer to the problem. They are as much the problem as the Dem's. There is absolutely no left-right paradigm worship going on here. Any thinking person who is not brainwashed understands this fact by now. Corruption is completely bipartisan. This government has been subverted long ago. These things are self evident.

I want to talk about another governmental charade. The gulf oil disaster. Shutting down the Internet would make it impossible to get any reliable information about what is really going on down there. It is very clear it is devastating. 20 million people's lives have been turned upside down. Maybe more eventually. This is clearly a global disaster. It will reach us all in some way, shape or form. Words cannot describe the anger, sadness and frustration I feel about this. Every single action taken by the government and B.P. have clearly been taken to make the disaster worse. If people can not see the true nature of our government and their corporate controllers after this, they never will. I am afraid that is the case for the vast majority.

If you have loved one's in the gulf region please try to convince them to leave. The toxins in the water and air are way above safe levels. We are going to see a cancer outbreak that will have big pharma drooling for decades. Hmmm, interesting angle I never considered. All of these scum care nothing for human lives as we are nothing but expendable for their greed. If you can't see that now you probably never will, so don't worry about it. Those that have eyes to see these thing be advised.

The dispersants hide the extent of the oil at a horrible price for humans and animals alike. Gigantic plumes circulate in the currents. The only way to get an accurate reading of these plumes is by submarine. Ironically boaters off the coast of Florida found a sub with it's periscope up just a couple of miles off shore. The boaters gave chase as the sub slipped into the depths, out of sight. So we have confirmation that they are mapping the underwater plumes. The fact they are not saying anything suggests that what they found is not good at all. If you remember the flow rate was first reported at 5000 barrels a day. They now openly admit it is more like ten times that amount. The truth is there is no way to know for certain. One thing is for sure, it is catastrophic in it's effect on the gulf, and soon to be entire east coast of the U.S. How much of an effect will that have on our country?

Another interesting tid bit of information is the average life expectancy of the Exxon Valdez clean up worker is 51 years old. Most of them are dead now. Most of them died from cancer. The same dispersant was used there, in much less amounts. The same dispersant that was banned for use in Europe! The same dispersant that is considered a neurotoxin. The fisherman of the gulf were hired to clean up by B.P. They are not being provided needed safety gear to do the job. The reason clean up workers are not allowed to wear respirators while cleaning up is it might frighten the public. What does that tell you about the conditions in the gulf? Media black out and no fly overs are also instituted. Hmmm, what are they hiding? How about the fact they are intentionally signing the death certificates of thousands, maybe millions of people. Still think they care?

The fact is Obama inherited a worthless federal government from his predecessors. The fact is he said he would restore hope and bring change. How's he doing so far? The fact is we are starring straight into the cold gaze of the beginning of a chain reaction of events that could be the next extinction event of the planet. That being the case, I think they wanted it that way. That's how utterly insane the lunatics are. They think it's funny. Let the stupid fishies die! Who cares! Just wait, they have more fun and surprises up their sleeve. Like the one about how we wreck the gulf and make the dumb ass American public pay for it all! That one is a gas!

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