Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gulf Madness!

J.P. Morgan is the majority share holder of B.P. Goldman Sachs is the majority share holder of J.P. Morgan. Goldman Sachs is of course a subsidiary of the Rothschild banking cartel that is controlling the Federal Reserve banking system. The Fed system is part of the world wide central banking system that is completely responsible for all of the economic strife in the world today.
Is it any surprise that the same dirty bastards are behind the gulf oil spill?

Reality check. Whether you like it or not, these dirty bastards have decided it's endgame time. Whether you like it or not, they are pulling the plug on the U.S. Whether you grasp this fact or not, the hellish scenario of destruction is playing out as you read these words. I take no comfort in that fact. I find it completely unacceptable and I will no longer support any of these fucked up corporations in any way. In fact I think it's time to stop obeying any and all unjust mandates these dirty bastards try to instill upon us. It's time to stand up and say "Fuck You, I won't do what you tell me!"

A perfect example of this is the corporate takeover of the gulf is B.P. has complete control of all governmental, law enforcement, and media in the entire region. That my friends is complete fascist control! Remember, B.P. is a Rothschild corporation. These dirty bastards are the most evil people on the planet. Look only to Israel to see how a Rothschild created country functions. Are we getting a clear picture yet? Are we starting to understand the future of the U.S.? All you have to do is look at Gaza to see how we will be forced to live. It is already happening in the gulf!

As a result of this "accident" in the gulf the commercial fishing industry in the gulf has been decimated. B.P. decided to hire the unemployed fisherman to use their boats to help clean up efforts. As a result, many of these fisherman have no choice but to do this if they wish to feed their families. You see, the settlements paid by B.P. to the fisherman for destroying their livelihoods is directly contingent upon their participation in the clean up. In other words if you don't become a B.P. employee you will not get nearly the same amount of money to feed your family. Now couple this with the little known health effects of cleaning up oil, which has been sprayed with over 1.6 million gallons of the banned dispersant, Corexit 9500. Actually, a lot is known about Corexit. It was used on the Exon Valdez spill in 1989. The average life expectancy of a Valdez clean up worker is 51 years old. Most of them are dead! To add insult to injury, reports are coming in that fiberglass boat hulls are being eaten through by the highly toxic soup, so even if they contain and clean up this mess, they will need new boats to resume fishing! What the fuck?

The fisherman's plight in the gulf is incredibly sad, but of course not the only casualties. The tourism industry, which the gulf states really heavily on has also seen dramatic downturns. Who wants to go vacation in a toxic environment? Amongst the outrageous crimes being committed in the gulf are the local politicians proclaiming there are no dangers to swimming in the gulf! WTF? Really? Do you believe this bullshit? I am reminded of the scene in Jaws where the chief and the oceanographer are trying to convince the mayor to close the beaches. Such fucking soul selling morons politicians can be. Such is the illusion of the situation in the gulf. When ever there is a serious threat, the assholes downplay it. When it's a manufactured threat (swine flu) they play it up with fear mongering to offer their solution, which always makes the whole thing much worse! Do you see the pattern? Cause-Effect-Solution, each phase turning a corporate profit for the dirty bastards!

Of course you can't forget the effects on the environment and all living things in the region. This is obvious. Compounding all of this is the wonderful, Corexit 9500. Again look to Alaska to see what they are in store for in the gulf. Shrimp took 17 yrs. to return to Prince William Sound. They are still waiting for the return of the herring, and the gulf gusher is putting out a Valdez size spill every other day! Now the oil is harmful enough, but combine 1.6 million gallons of Corexit 9500 and you will kill just about everything that swims, flys, crawls or walks, including people. Just what is it about Corexit9500 that makes it so toxic? Well here is a little bit of information about Corexit 9500, and I strongly encourage you to do a little reading on this highly toxic substance that is being sprayed in the gulf.

First of all Corexit 9500 has been banned from use in Europe. It is not considered safe for the environment or for living creatures. Corexit works as a dispersant on oil, meaning it breaks the molecular bond oil forms to itself. As we all now oil and water do not mix easily. Oil being more buoyant will float on water. It does this because on a molecular level, oil molecules bond with oil molecules. The dispersing agent breaks the molecular level bond. Oil molecules can then bind with water molecules, so the visible oil slick on the surface mixes with water easier, then sinks out of sight. B.P. is fined for the oil disaster by the amount of visible or known oil spilled or leaked. Make the oil disappear, make the fine go down! Tada! Instant mitigation of costly fines. Then to top it off, Goldman Sachs is owner of the company that makes Corexit 9500 so they make a nice profit using the banned toxic stuff they can't use elsewhere. Now dispersing oil is fine and dandy except the oil is still in the ocean, just not on the surface. This reduces visible oil but makes it much more difficult to remove as it is dispersed throughout the water column, and killing everything that comes in contact with it! You see, that wonderful molecular bond breaking property of Corexit is not limited to oil. It now appears that it also breaks bonds of molecules of organic matter also. There is growing evidence that Corexit ruptures red blood cells causing internal bleeding of all creatures that come in contact with it! Let that sink in folks. Corexit 9500 is easily absorbed through the skin. Ponder that a moment and tell me your government and B.P. care about our well being. Reality states they are nothing more than mass murdering scum that deserve nothing but the same themselves, and if all goes as planned will most certainly experience just such a demise. One can only hope!

Corexit 9500 is also considered a neurotoxin, meaning it disrupts the normal functioning of a creatures nervous system. The problems are endless here and very difficult to prove as of the cause of such conditions. Needless to say the ramifications are terrifying to say the least, and yet nightly spraying flights continue over the gulf, despite E.P.A. requests to stop using Corexit. This shows you how much power B.P. (Rothschild Inc.) has over government. The simple fact is our government is subservient to these fuckers at the cost of our lives. Cozy up to that idea gang. It is only just starting to unfold. The devastation will last a long time, and get much worse.

Closing out the Corexit concerns are the evaporation anomalies. Oil by itself has a very low evaporation rate, however, mixed with Corexit, appears to be evaporating at a much higher level, creating a toxic rain that could end up having the biggest impact on us. As we know, storm systems racing across the country derive a lot of their moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. As this moisture is released across the plains states and the farmlands of the Midwest, what effect will this have on our food crops? What effects would a hurricane or tropical storm have upon the region where this neurotoxin that breaks molecular bonds, falls from the sky on all things?

Other factors are very high benzine and methane content in the leaking oil. High readings of methane in the ocean deplete the oxygen levels creating dead zones. Methane outgassing is also a huge concern when large amounts of methane are released at once methane can become the predominant gas in the atmosphere, driving oxygen levels down to dangerously low levels. There have been cases where outgassing has wiped out life in entire villages and towns very quickly. The bottom line is this, the risks involved in being near the gulf far outweigh benefits in my opinion. The real crime is the media is not properly informing people of these risks. These asshats in control are pushing all of these softkill methods onto the people and wildlife of the gulf. One could even consider calling them hardkill methods. No matter what, it is all disgusting. Katrina redux times a million!

My final thoughts bring me to this question. What is it about the south that makes them such an apparent target for Rothschild Inc? Lets not forget the southwest is under siege also from a different enemy but backed by the same assholes. My first thought is that overall I think the people of the south would be much more likely to rebel against the Federal government than the people of the north. I think Roth Inc. has a plan in place to break the will of the southern people before they can do this. Take away many of their livelihoods, weaken them from the inside and make them dependent upon the Federal government, in essence, enslave them first. Not to worry though, we will all get our chance in the future. One thing is for sure. The gulf madness is a direct result of an all out attack on our country. For you see, we are the last hope of anyone standing up to Roth Inc. They know that for their time is short. It's a race, a mad dash to the finish. We must understand what is happening, for the time will come when it will be too late. Please try to help your friends and loved ones understand. The stakes are high. It is our future that is dependent upon us acting to dis empower the sick, greedy, bastards who are trying to enslave us all. We are being herded down the shoot. Next stop, the slaughterhouse. They do believe the population must be reduced to 500 million. That leaves six billion to be exterminated. It is happening before our very eyes! What are we going to do about it?


  1. It is very hard not to become so angry over all of this! Very hard not to hate!

    I am so sad about all of this and all the rest of the crap they pull.

    I wish everyone could realize...

  2. It is such a sad state of affairs! I don't know what is more frustrating, the assholes causing this shit, or the people who don't give a fuck! Between the two they constitute the vast majority!