Sunday, August 8, 2010

All's Well that Ends Well, or is it?

As many of you know, the Deep Water Horizon well, leased by B.P. has been reported to have been capped and no longer releases any oil. Obama, B.P.'s chief spokesman at large, tells us that 75% of the leaked oil has been dispersed, absorbed, burned, and collected and the remaining 25% is no risk to the Gulf. Furthermore, the FDA just released a statement on Friday that it is highly unlikely that any dispersant will accumulate in seafood and affect humans!
Out of sight, out of mind.
The oil is all gone, nothing to see here, move along and remember in November that Obama saved the Gulf. (If you can't sense the sarcasm there is nothing to see, so move along!)
So, fishing is open on the Gulf. Everything is just fine, and the oil has magically disappeared.
Meanwhile fisherman in the Gulf are discovering the misplaced oil's whereabouts. Every time they drop anchor they find that oil coats it. The oil is on the ocean floor, along with shrimp, crabs, clams, and a host of other vital bottom dwelling sea life. It is also being reported by some Gulf Coast residents that dispersal spraying operations continue at night, often breaking the three mile buffer zone with the coast. Amidst all of this are reports that B.P. has fired 10,000 clean up workers and is in fact scaling back clean up efforts (if you consider burying oil under sand cleaning up!)
Look, if you want to believe the federal government's bullshit, that is your prerogative. But then I ask, "What the hell are you reading this blog for?"
These lies are no different than any of the others, including but not being limited to, 9-11, war with Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the economic collapse, swine flu, global warming, war on drugs, war on terror, GMO food, education system, mainstream media, department of homeland security, the three letter security agencies, and the false left-right political paradigm, just to name a few.
The simple truth is we are all expendable niggas in the eyes of our government. (Oh, and being a nigga has nothing to do with the color of your skin! It has everything to do with being a lowly, subservient, subhuman, life form that the Zionist elite so fondly refer to as the goyium.)
We are lied to so the truth can be concealed as to how our government has been subverted by the Zionist bankers, who hide behind the government of Israel, who are descendants of the Ashkenazim and not the true Semitic peoples who are of Mideastern descent.
Now this all ties in to B.P. through the Zionist bankers western branch represented by Goldman Sachs and of course the federal reserve banking system. All the same crooks, liars, and murderous scum who think they are God on this planet, at this time. Look how B.P. has taken complete control of the gulf disaster. Local law enforcement answers to them. Federal agencies including the EPA and the Coast Guard answer to them, hell they even own Obama, as they have owned every single president since Kennedy.
All's well that ends well? Yeah right. Out of sight, out of mind, and more to the point, out of sight, out of the huge fines to be paid! We are being taken for a ride, just like the swine flu scandal, just like the illegal wars being fought in our name, just like the biggest heist of wealth in all of history when our wealth was transferred to the too big to fails! (example: General Motors given tax payer money to stay afloat, G.M. just announced they will invest 500 million to build a new manufacturing plant in Mexico! Thank you American tax payers!)
Wake up to the fact that the last official act of any government that has ever existed is to loot the people they govern. And, as this case proves, try to destroy our environment to make us think we should pay them carbon taxes to save our planet! That my friends is the biggest crock of shit ever to be served up! Your helping will be served to you soon. Bon Appetite!

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