Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's Hard To Remember

I know it is hard to remember things, especially things that are better left forgotten. You know, events that cause a great deal of suffering and pain. We all have these events. Perhaps the loss of a loved one or a traumatic event that shook us to our core. Humanity has experienced just such events from the beginning of time. I think buried in our collective consciousness lies the memory of many such events. We all know that life is chocked full of misery and beauty together, side by side, offsetting each other in a delicate dance that makes us who and what we are today.

It stands to reason that people who endure a seemingly endless parade of misery, react in different ways then those who seem to lead a charmed life. One man's misery is another man's pleasure. Some even derive great pleasure from causing others misery. Many have adopted the eat or be eaten philosophy because as we all know it's a dog eat dog world out there. Well I am not a dog, I am a man. I have been given a sense of reason which always seems to be in conflict with what I see around me. Things don't happen by chance. Things happen because someone wants it that way. Things happen for reasons both seen and unseen. We try to make a difference, but unless we have a complete understanding of how the game is played we have little chance of connecting with the force that gives us the opportunity to truly make a difference. For to cause harm and destroy seems far easier than to bring peace and create a loving environment for all.
Divisions are simple to create between people, but much more challenging to eliminate. It starts with remembering some vital things that we seem to forget.

For me the driving force behind truth seeking is the serenity that it gives. Serenity transcends any temporary comfort that comes from the purely physical reality. There is, to my understanding a very organized, integrated set of guidelines that flow effortlessly through all life. A blueprint of reality that is encoded inside each and every one of us. The challenge comes in unraveling the inner mystery. By sorting through the outer deceptions one can learn to apply these same principals to the inner illusions we all force ourselves to contend with. I see a direct connection between understanding the nature of our world in conjunction with our own inner self and how we interact with others gives us a direct measure of our personal progress in this endeavor. How often do you find yourself blaming others for your own inner deficiencies? I still do it quite often myself. I get wrapped up in focusing on the controlling asshole Elite that trick and enslave us, when in reality what is it inside of us that makes us clamor for leaders to control us? It seems like we all possess a childish need to be directed in our thoughts and actions. We don't trust ourselves to run our own lives. We seek guidance and direction then become upset when we see the natural outcome of putting ourselves into this precarious situation to begin with. We must learn to come of age or we will perish. That is the simple truth, like it or not!
We must see we no longer need some authority figure to guide or as is most often the case, misguide us.

Governments and monetary systems and religions need to go the way of the dinosaur. When you see this happen you will know we are growing up and understanding how to truly take care of each other. It may seem kind of scary at first. Don't be afraid. We will be just fine. All we need to do is learn to trust ourselves and learn to read the blueprint inside. Remembering the beauty along the way while never forgetting where we all come from.

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