Saturday, September 4, 2010

9-11 WEEK!

It baffles me how any human being with two firing neurons can think 9-11 was the work of 19 Muslim terrorists with box cutters. What utter bullshit. It has never been more important to know that 9-11 was a joint CIA, Mossad,MI6, joint false flag operation. This event was to usher in a new world wide war on terrorism. By the way people who consider the constitution important are now considered terrorists by the justice department. Uh didn't the president take an oath to defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic? Why would people who support and try to encourage study of the constitution be deemed terrorists? Wouldn't that make Obama a terrorist? What kind of backwards world do we live in? We know the answer to that last question don't we?

It is vital to understanding the post 9-11 world, to know the true terrorists. They can be spotted by their actions. Take a look at the Gulf of Mexico to see their handiwork. Take a look at Gaza. Take a look at any 3rd world nation. Take a look at the systemic destruction of the United State's manufacturing base. The most effective terrorist does not wear a turban and blow themselves up in a crowd of people. They sit behind a desk, wearing Armani suits, deciding the fate of countries based on credit ratings, thus controlling the supply and demand of money through the system.

This week most posts will deal with 9-11.

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