Thursday, September 2, 2010


In light of the rapidly approaching 9th anniversary of 9-11 I offer you a glimpse of the demolition of building 7. The official 9-11 report has no mention of building 7 because frankly they had no plausible explanation that would support the "Official Story".

The so called official story is the lie of the century to start endless war against a fictional enemy that really doesn't even exist. 9-11 was a joint CIA,MI6, Mossad, false flag operation to blame the enemies of Israel and trick the U.S. into attacking those countries most likely to stand up to Israel's bullshit.

When will people realize that our nation is being plundered by design, by the bankers(Federal Reserve) and military industrial complex which also entails the medical, pharmaceutical, insurance, industrial complex.

The country and the world for that matter could be restored to sanity tomorrow if the war on terror was canceled, a debt jubilee was declared, taxes cut by 50%, the British central banking system was abolished, and people stopped believing all the bullshit spewing from the corrupt politicians (this would be the democrats and the republicans). The British, American, Israeli Empire collapsing on itself would also go a long way to achieving a more sane world also. Highly unlikely but I can dream.

If you want things different you have to be honest with yourself about the root causes of the problems. We are starting to awaken to these causes, but we have a long way to go. Share these causes with family and friends. Talk about this stuff, and if you hear someone spreading bullshit call them out on it. Don't allow anyone to dictate your reality to you!

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