Saturday, October 2, 2010


Uh yeah, no pressure! This is their idea of a joke.
....and yet we see how the brainwashing works.
The so called climate change skeptic, which I am proud to be one,
has been considered to be on par with the holocaust denier!
Gee I wonder who is behind that campaign?
Believe what you want, but the fact of the matter, as I see it this is nothing
more than a ploy to tax the hell out of us so they can continue to loot us!
It also makes a nice platform for launching the global government.
It is all about control, as the more transparent their plans become, the more they
try to deceive us.
Understanding the level of deception is vital to seeing the much larger process
that is happening now. We all have choices to make.
As you continue to learn how our outer reality is manipulated with smoke and mirrors,
you can take this info inside and adjust your inner reality to position yourself
in order to minimize the outer world impacts on your life.

As far as this video goes, it is a nice look at the twisted people who are trying to run the world. Why in the hell would any person trust these sick clowns?
Why are the climate cultists not willing to debate anyone over the so called science of climate change or as it used to be known as, global warming?
Al of the Gore is not a scientist. He is a politician, and doing what politicians do best is bullshitting us to empty our pockets to enrich him and his warming cultists buddies, who have all invested heavily in the carbon trade market.
As far as their science goes it is the best money can buy, but still falls short on almost every level. Scrutinize the wild predictions they are making. Study their collection methods of their data. Look at the very basis of their argument, that C02 is poisonous! What a joke, almost as big a joke as this sick video they produced.

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